2020 Tokyo Olympics Thread

Didn’t update his last run, was a 10.1 but did not advance to the finals. He still has the 200 (in heat 2 at 9:13pm tonight) and 4x100 coming up. There were only three countries who had 3 100m guys in the semis - the US, Great Britain, and South Africa. With good passes, Shaun should at least be in that 4x100 final.

Also Bethel didn’t run the 200, might still be in for the 4x400

I was looking for Brianne Bethel on the start lists and results this morning, but didn’t find her. I hadn’t been following this, but sounds like the Bahamian team had a giant cluster**** in the 200m.

I don’t exactly understand all the issues, but sounds like a dispute between Bahamas Olympic Committee and Track Association, and they took four women to Tokyo for three spots. There was a dispute about who was running and who was an alternate. The final runner wasn’t decided until they had a runoff in Tokyo over the weekend, and Bethel lost.

She’ll be in the 4x400 later this week.



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Sounds about right for a Bahamas sports association. I have some inside info with their basketball federation, just pure chaos and everybody stabbing people in the back.

As for other events, realized how disappointing our American jumpers are. Harrison straight dominated NCAAs, did well in both the high jump and long jump, but no medals. No body else close. At least with the long jump, we should have 2-3 in the finals every time. Still favored for a medal in the men’s triple jump and women’s long jump though. The 1500 starts tonight (7:05pm), one of my favorites to watch. Cole Hocker has been a show in NCAAs and US trials so looking forward to watching him again. The 400m hurdles final will be a good one too. Benjamin for the US going up against the Norwegian who just broke the world record.

Saturday night (or was it Sunday morning – the time difference has me all screwed up) was a lot of fun. The women’s shot put, the women’s triple jump WR, the men’s High Jump co-gold medalists, and then the “who was that” 100m champion.

If USA couldn’t win a gold in the 100m, it was at least good to see a Texan win it! :slight_smile:

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The guy from Qatar and the the guy from Italy co-gold medalists was very heartwarming.

That Italian guy is hilarious. He came out to hug all over the 100m sprinter after he won.

I think in the 400 hurdles, aren’t the Norwegian and the American Murphy two of the favorites? Should be a good race.


Norway Warholm just broke the world record in 400m H last month…it was one of (if not the) oldest records in T&F.

Rai Benjamin was a few hundredths of a second from the world record last month as well, if I remember correctly.

Those two plus Qatar’s Abderrrahmen Samba (also in the finals) are three of only four men to ever run the event under 47 seconds.

Should be an exciting race tonight for sure.


Complete opposite from the Greek guy who won the long jump! That guy didn’t even smile, was like he was in shock or something.

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200m starting. Maswanganyi in heat 2!

Update: 2nd in the heat in 20.58, on to the semis!

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Big 400H coming up next! NBC.

OMG! WTF! The Norwegian broke 46 seconds! Amazing race by Benjamin, 2nd fastest time ever gets him a silver.


:dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

Dos Santos beat the time that stood as the world record for 28 years (until a few weeks ago)…and gets bronze.

We just saw three of the top four times ever run, in one race. The three fastest men ever to run the event now.

Waiting for it to come out they accidently put out the women’s hurdles, lol. I don’t think we even had a 400m runner at UH this year run under 46 without hurdles!

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Shaun runs 20.18 in his heat. Does not advance to the finals, but a heck of a run. .05 from qualifying, fourth in his heat.

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Tenth place in the semis is not bad for a 19? year old…but only 8 advance. We’ll see him in 2024.

Shaun always has a great first half but doesn’t seem to be able to sustain for the second half of the race. If he improves that, he’ll see some medals in his career.

How about the 17 year old? Doesn’t he know he’s not supposed to be able to do this in high school???


Found this chart, shows peak performance for medaling by age for sprinters. Generally, 23 to a bit over 30 has been the standard.


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Good to see all 3 Americans advance. I think the 200m will eventually be Maswanganyi’s best event. I bet the coaches mainly worked with him on starting this past year, but if he can take advantage of that long stride then he can keep increasing speed in the 200.

On the 17 year old Knighton, he may become the wealthiest track and field runner ever. He is Usain Bolt, but an American in times where there are so many options to make money.

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McLaughlin is nails. What a great race and representative. Gold! Nails…World Record!


Another great 400m hurdles final, another world record!


One of the toughest events….what we have seen in the men’s and women’s 400mH finals is absolutely amazing.


Shaun up again in the 4x100. Heat 1 at 9:30 central.

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