2020 Transfer Portal

Players are starting to putting their names in so might as well get this going



Ouch for WSU.


Yikes. Burton would be a tough loss.

Any idea of what happened over there?


We need to be all in on Isiaha Mike this offseason. SMU is getting ready to implode.

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Based off Marshall’s comments during the season I’m not surprised by the transfers. I’m wondering if he stayed too long at WSU



Did Jank get fired or there been rumors about SMU?

battle for minutes…they had 7 guards all freshman and sophmore, who all felt they should be starters…they started the year with stevenson and burton carrying the team along with dennis, stevenson was flaming hot to start the year…their team had a pecking order in place…then their best guard dexter dennis (who wasnt play good at the time) left the team temporarily …this is where the madness started…it elevated the freshman who ended up playing great aswell…
it all started coming down when stevenson had a bad mid-year slump and dexter dennis came back (playing better than he did earlier). Stevenson was carrying them when he was hot, when that mid year slump came they struggled …they had 7 guards fighting for starting spots all thinking they deserved it (no pecking order), and had a lot of in fighting on who should get it, while marshall kept rotating and switching starters every game…it got really bad when fernandes who was last on the bench for the guards came in and started playing great too…


Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a tough break for the WSU program. Thank goodness CKS has control over the program and lays the expectations out before any of our recruits ever make it to campus. I could never see this type of situation happening under the current coaching staff.

Hopefully they can get it turned around quickly. I like WSU…and the AAC needs a great WSU program.


Kendric Davis is not coming back to school. That’s one moving piece. I can see them now letting Jank go. The only reason to keep him would have been to keep all of their top guys. That ship sailed when Davis said he is leaving.

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Whoa I missed that. He is turning pro or transferring?

I have feeling with the this time off we are going to see a lot of transfers and coaches being fired.

its a turning pro not by choice thing…he posted on twitter a somewhat of a goodbye message…“enjoyed his time at SMU”. no legitimate source has confirmed but smu boards are saying grades

another wichita player

That’s a big blow. I thought SMU would finish in the top 4 next year with everyone coming back and adding McNeill.

I agree. And was the reason why I was saying the Ponies should give Jank one more year. Not anymore, though. They need to cut ties with him. Which will inevitably lead to transfers. And I’m hoping Isiaha Mike is one of them.

Make that 5


How would we have room for him? Seems like the roster will be too full as-is.