2020 Transfer Portal


Unreal what is happening at WSU. when that many fr and Sophs are leaving there is a clear disconnect with the players and coach and a culture issue.

I feel sad for WSU but not SMU.

I don’t have much respect for Davis or that program. It was evident he checked himself out towards the end of the season.


Why would a guy going into his senior year transfer? Is Mike set to graduate?


I hope WSU gets back on track as well. I like there program and it’s good for the league.

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the thing with having 7 guard players and having no one that much better than the other (and adding a 4 star).is that you can manage to lose some…even with whats is gone they still have min NIT Caliber team. As long as they dont lose dennis, they should be competitive


the interesting thing, is that they knew they had chemitry issues, their beat writer,coach marshall and some of the players parents made it obvious that there were PT issues and disputes within the team (in interviews)…but everyone assumed it would be freshman sherfield who would transfer (who was heavily used early but had his role diminished at the end of the season) and most considered burton a lock to come back. There is a fear sherfield leaves too…and the sky is falling group thinks Dexter is also going


What is kendricks deal? He balled on us. I was at that game here in Dallas.i found myself thinking, “damn, howd we miss on this kid, he’s got swag and game to go along?”

Transfer Portal may crash with all the players announcing tonight. Probably the 1st time the staff isn’t worried about it unless something unexpected happens.

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Oh …

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“Coach (Gregg Marshall) and I didn’t have a great relationship,” Stevenson said. “Obviously we didn’t mesh. That’s probably the biggest reason why I’m leaving. I’ve got to find a better relationship and a better situation.”

Is take that range for sure. But does he want to play d ?

I don’t think Marshall would be easy to play for…but he gets a lot out of his teams. This stuff just happens some times. Usually it starts with one bad apple.

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I agree with you about CGM I think he has done a great job at WSU! I have heard CKS said several times over the past 2 or 3 yrs. what a “great” coach Marshall is! I think Pesik has shared some good insights as well about 7 guards fighting for playing time. Stevenson said he didn’t have a good relationship with him, time to move on & regroup!


This may have already been addressed, but do we have any open spots remaining to go and get a guy like Stevenson? Or someone like that? To me he’s perfect for us to come off the bench and hit 3’s and give us 10-12 a game and with the talent we’ve got coming in adding him would make us extremely dangerous imho

And to be fair the kid’s tweet wasn’t inflammatory. I actually think the portal is going to be very good for the youngest players. Sometimes the shock of tough love away from home is difficult to handle the first time.

not only do we not have room, at this moment we are 1 over…but at the same time we could have 2-3 available spots in a month .going pro and transferring are options that some of our players are currently weighing


Do you think we go after this kid if we get 2-3 spots open? I think he’d be good for us

No I think Marshall & CKS are probably good enough friends where they wouldn’t do it. Interleague transfers are always touchy. Also too many schools are involved already to worry about it without the spots open.

If he couldn’t handle CGM’s coaching style, what makes you think he could cut it in Houston.

The only way I want anyone here is if CKS and staff want the kid here.


Unless we lose several guys as transfers/pros I don’t see us going after a transfer guard/wing and I can’t see a transfer with lots of options wanting to come here either. This goes double for someone at WSU transferring because of frustration with a minutes logjam. If no one leaves (which they probably will), we’ll have the following guys returning in two years.

Grimes (Sr.)
Hinton (Sr.)
Tyson (Sr.)
Mills (Jr.)
Sasser (Jr.)
Mark (So.)
Shead (So.)

I could see us looking for a transfer big though since we’re for sure losing Gresham, Gorham, and White next year and would only have Powell and Roberts returning. I didn’t list Alley because if we have a couple of spots open up and room for an incoming transfer my guess is it would be because he’s one of the people transferring out.

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Besides that, we exposed his lack of athleticism and creating his shot