2020 TV Schedule Question

So I am a cord cutter and trying to find out which online tv service to get. Does anyone know which channel ESPN 2/3/+, FOX, CBS most of the football/basketball games will be shown?

We have Sling TV and most games are shown on ESPN 1 and 2 with some shown on Stadium channel and FS1

I have seen only the Navy and BYU games as being shown on ESPN. Does anyone know if or when the rest of the broadcast schedule will be posted. I thought with B1G and Pac12 not playing we would see more TV coverage.

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I’m guessing it’s a week by week thing. I would have thought it would’ve already been decided. I’m not even sure if we will be allowed to travel and watch him play. We are waiting for any information on that and tv broadcasting.


This website does a pretty good job of tracking which games are televised and on what network or online platform. The site is updated as networks make scheduling announcements:


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That could cause some of our games to get bought by Fox. This year may be all over instead of the typical ABC/ESPN channels and less popular games ending up on CBS Sports or ESPN3.

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That one is good. This is the one I’ve used the past few years.


I have FuboTV and they have a good selection of stations. There is espn/espn2/fox/fs1/fs2/cbs sports network/nbc sports/sec network etc for $60/mo

No surprise here as the Memphis game was moved to Friday for ESPN and Thursday games are always on ESPN for us.



I will be curious as to how many different channel bumps there are like from FS1 to FOX or ESPNU to ESPN. I also would expect ESPN or Fox to try to pay as little for the bump as possible to the schools claiming it is under the existing contracts…

Navy game on CBS Sports. That channel I don’t have so at that time I will look for a free trial of something that has it.

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I don’t believe any networks pay more if more games are on the main networks. They can even sell a certain percentage of games to other networks, which is what happened for UH-Navy to be on CBS Sports. I was hoping a game like that would have been sold to Fox since they will have fewer games this fall.

? I would not think the conferences would pay anything. The conferences should be receiving money from the TV and media broadcasters such as ESPN and FOX.

Restaurant or bar with sports on TV . . . . .

I think we are going to be subjected to Curling events and Dart Matches on the lower cable channels.

Sorry, that should have said networks. They are set regardless of what channel they end up on.