2021-2022 Schedule/ Predictions

Don’t know how we managed to get so many prime time games but God bless :pray:t5:. So I’m going with 8-4 this season. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we won 9-10 games I think it’s going to be a good year. And man of schedule is really easy(based off last years teams).


ONE of the few fun things about this conference is New Orleans road trips every other year, and we get screwed with a stupid THURSDAY game. Ugh.


Two of the last three are likely to be in cold weather. Here’s to hoping the run game is solid this year.

we get screwed again sat 9/25, fri 10/1, thur 110/7. Two short weeks in a row and both games on the road.

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second NO game on thursday.

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Yep, we were looking forward to going to game in New Orleans, not this year. Sucks…


The times are all Eastern time zone. If you go to the UH site, all times are shown an hour earlier for Central time.

5-7 or 6-6. World ends. :unamused:

I can’t go to the Tulane game anyway, I agreed to work in the kitchen on a weekend retreat called The Walk to Emmaus. It starts on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon.

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Yeah we need to do better than that

Already got work off and hotel booked for Tulane.


I like the times presented so far. Do not like late morning or afternoon games in Houston.

I am predicting 9-3 and maybe 10-2 with a little luck. Yep, I know, that is one hell of a jump up in performance from our recent history, but that is my gut feel today. :sweat_smile:


I am going with 14-0

Being as realistic as possible


So many question marks but I’m going with 8-4. We need to see some real improvement this year, for Dana’s sake.

I’m with snowskier. I like our having all those night games instead of playing in the heat of the day.


3 of the last 4 as well. This will also be the 4th straight non-Saturday game against Tulane…here or there. Kind of strange.

I’ve got the Coogs at 10-2, and losing in the American Championship Game to Cincy.


That would be a great year versus what we’ve shown the last few years

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It’s strange…I haven’t liked a lot of the news or events surrounding the program, but I’ve got a good feeling this season that it all comes together. Sch3udle helps with that as well.


Good to see u back on the forum, hope all is well


Thanks, it’s nice getting back here.

Getting better everyday…some good, some bad. Take care of your head folks.


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