2021-22 Non-Conference Schedule

I wanted to create thread to discuss next season’s out-of-conference schedule. In normal years, teams can have 27 regular season games plus up to four games in a multi-team event (like the Maui tournament). Here’s what I have as confirmed/probable/possible. I’ll update as we get more news.

Maui (3 games with Butler, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Oregon, St. Mary’s, Chaminade, or Wisconsin. https://mauiinvitational.com/news/2020/5/1/general-maui-jim-maui-invitational-announces-2021-field.aspx)
ULALA at home
Montana Tech (non-D1 game) at home
UVA at home
Alabama on the road
OK State at neutral site
Hofstra at home (nov 9 season opener)
Rice at home
Texas State at home
Acorn State at home
Northwestern State at

Oregon (Home and Home Contract but maybe delayed due to Maui)
Coppin State (2020 cancelled buy game)
LSU home and home contract signed in 2020
Sam Houston St (Cancelled 2020 opponent)
West coast Maui warmup

Wasn’t the Alabama game going to be part of a home and home? With the return game scheduled for this year?

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Yes, you are correct. See https://twitter.com/JonRothstein/status/1265384505575120896

Changing it to probable.

So we could possibly end up playing 4 SEC teams in the non-conference… they should just throw us an invite instead lol


i think its going to end up, LSU, Bama, 3 in maui, SEC/AAC opponent, and 5 buy games and id be pretty happy with that

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I thought we were trying to get the @Oregon scheduled.

they are in the maui invitational…we likely push back any potential matchup to avoid playing them twice


So is Arkansas our most likely AAC vs SEC opponent?

Love these possibilities!

Arkansas is unlikely to be the in challenge…the sec/big 12 have a challenge, but the sec has more teams than the big 12…the sec/aac challenge is the leftover sec vs the top 4 aac …its normally based on preseason projections done at the start of the 2 year cycle (top 10 play in the big 12 challenge)… the pool for the aac/sec challenge will likely be from this group; ole miss, vandy, Georgia, south carolina, miss state and A&M… with South Carolina unlikely since we just finished a cycle with them

More likely to be Vandy or someone of that caliber unfortunately

So it’s more like the AAC vs Poo challenge… Makes since.


More or less

lol the sec is deep, as of today only a&m and south carolina look “for sure” to be bad next year… and as the preseason favorite we’ll likely get pinned against the best of the 4… every team in the SEC except the 2 i named cleaned up in the portal… a case could be made for georgia, ole miss, miss state and vandy to make the tourney next year (they likely wont, but could end up a great NET game)…

Houston left out so far.

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I’m fine with not playing LSU. They’re a very streaky program. They had alot of talent last year and underachieved. Finished as an 8 seed. If we can play other high level SEC teams (Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn), I’m good with that.

We are already in a good tournament field. Give us a couple good home games and I am good.

22-23 season, but how big would it be if we were in here?


I went to the PK80 four years ago in Portland. By far, the most stacked field I’ve ever seen for a non-conference tournament. I haven’t seen UH attached to a 2022 tournament but I’m hopeful given that’s it’s a Nike school and is coming off a final four.

Who in the world would want to be in Portland at this time.


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