2021 Bowl Season - more eligible teams than bowl spots

Bowl Eligible Teams By Conf:
AAC: 7/12
ACC: 10/14
Big 12: 7/10
Big Ten: 9/14
C-USA: 8/14
Indies: 4/7
MAC: 8/12
MWC: 8/12
(Hawaii is 6-7)
Pac-12: 6/12
SEC: 13/14
Sun Belt: 4/10



I saw this posted at UConn Boneyard Football Forum.
"Three major takeaways:

  1. The SEC was a slog. Only Vandy failed to win six games.
  2. The Pac-12 struggled. Only half the league went at least .500.
  3. The Sun Belt did not have a good year. Only four teams bowling."

Somehow 5-win ut-austin will get an invite though.


Maybe someone will pull a La Tech (in 2012) and decline a bowl invitation.

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Should be at least 7 wins minimum for a bowl game


41 bowls is too many. Should be more like 25.

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I don’t disagree but understand why there are so many.

Outside the big ones they are essentially a Chamber Of Commerce type event to get visitors into town in a traditionally slower time.

How many of us would ever have been to Birmingham if UH didn’t play a bowl game there?

The ones who cant get the major sponsors and community support eventually go away.

Also the extra practices are a big deal. Especially if you play an early bowl and can prep for next year after preparing for the game in the pre bowl practices.

Dana doesn’t like or care about bowl games, but maybe a NY6 bowl will get his attention

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I like all the bowls and all the teams that get to attend a bowl game…. It is a reward for the kids at the end of a long season…… plus I will watch 90% of them no matter who is playing.



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They give ESPN content is more the reason for most of the games.

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From what I’ve seen of bowl attendance outside of the NY6, the visitors are not getting the message.

When I was growing up you needed 8 wins to be considered.

That’s foolish.
Even just 10000+ out of towners is a huge deal for hotels, restaurants, etc.


What’s foolish? That many, maybe even most, of the 41 bowls have paltry attendance?

More than just the NY6 have good attendance.

Alamo, Holiday, Music City, Gator, Sun, Texas,Citrus,Outback,etc.

Are you really doubling down on foolish.

Its all visitors who would not have been there without the bowl regardless of how many.

What about that cant you understand?


I am fine with them but they are definitely much less appealing to me than they once were. A big reason is many of the better players now opt out of them.

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90% of the bowls are …meh

Division 1 College Football is still the only sport, in all of American sports, where you likely can end your post season with a Win. .

I have a big problem with that…the bowls are worthless except for the 2 playoff opening rounds

It is disrespectful to all the time and effort that goes into a season

The other NY6 bowls are interesting because of the matches and prestige but you still can end your season with a win !?!?

I agree. I like the bowls and the chances for more teams to get them, but at some point is becomes less reward and no incentive. I also agree with the others’ postings on 7 win minimum.

I do think all schools should get the extra practices bowl team or not.

The one part of bowls I cannot stand (I assume it is still common practice): Is when the bowls require the participating teams to be responsible for selling 10-15,000 tickets or eat the costs, then they give the schools the worst seats to sell.

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I know that. Which is why I didn’t say that.