2021 offers

Jaxson just picked up an offer from Okie State right after Houston offered:

*class of 2021

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@mannyyobaseki 2 hr
AGTG🙏🏾 Extremely Blessed and Thankful to receive an offer from The University of Houston! #GoCoogs https://t.co/9HxQHRJGzB

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Has offers from Oklahoma, OK State, SMU, and Mcneese


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Langston Love ‏ @ lhlv4 2h2 hours ago

Blessed to receive an offer from Coach Sampson and the staff of the University of Houston # Go # Cougs

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this has been inevitable…he’s been the breakout star from houston hoops aau this season…there are literally now only 3 players without houston offers on that team…

Just read on 247sports that Daeshun Ruffin likes Houston and talks with the coaches a lot. Looks like we’re good shape with him so far.

https://247sports.com/college/houston/Topic/4-Star-2021-PG-Daeshun-Ruffin-132176969/ - (vip)


Dude will most likely be a McDonald’s AA @Jcoop9 Dude is a beast.

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@Progs Man he is dynamic and probably under-ranked based off his production so far. Hopefully we can lock him up early.

Went off for 52 this weekend.


Man he’s graceful. Looks effortless. Soft touch too.

I hope we land him but… I dont want to get too excited.

He’s definitely going start getting a lot more offers and attention.

New offer out to Justin Rochelin, G from California.

I’ve never seen a 10th grader with that much court/ball awareness. Kindof an awkward shot style, but that’ll improve with strength training.
Half the highlights are him stripping/blocking/rebounding/defensing. Super impressive. Somebody’s gonna get a really good guard wherever he goes.


His style of play reminds me a lot of Isaiah Thomas.

He is no doubt a very good looking prospect…but we have one right here in our back yard in the Griggs kids…also a sophomore…

Griggs is 2022 and only about 6’0 so they could theoretically play together if it came to that.

Looks like we’re out of the Ruffin sweepstakes.

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