2021 Opponent - Tulane

I don’t think Fritz would jump at this, but he is known to hop jobs when there is a chance to move up. Kansas is a coaching graveyard though.

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I don’t think KU is a step up for any FBS team head coach. Any assistant coach should also think twice about that gig; it isn’t a resume builder. On the other hand, any coach that could get them to a 6-6 or 7-5 record most years would have a statue erected and life long employment.

He’s from Kansas. That’s where he was Coaching b4 moving to SHSU where he Coached in two back/back D1–AA CShips gms. Of course NDST was in the way.
I forget the sm college he Coached at…Will look it up.

Edit: I didn’t realize it mentioned in article he was from KS. Shawnee KS

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I didn’t know that. I knew his rise really began at SHSU, but didn’t know he was from there. Look, if he can get Tulane to where they are, I bet he could get Kansas to the occasional bowl game more years than not. He is an excellent coach.


He Coached at Central Missouri for like 12 yrs b4 coming to Huntsville and leading the BearKats to some very good years. I agree w you, he’s a very good coach n one of his greatest strengths is his ability to adjust w whatever he has in front of him as a skill set.

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People said the same about Baylor for years

Money matters. If I were in Willie’s shoes, I’d make some crazy a$$ demands and if Kansas agreed to 90% of them I’d jump in a heartbeat.

…new offensive coordinator Chip Long bringing a more up-tempo pace to Tulane, physically, the players have had to work as hard as ever to adjust. But it’s been especially tough at receiver, where the Green Wave are down several key players in and out of practice to injury.

So is Tulane and he got it turned around.

The All Blues…

I don’t understand with such great stats and Memphis being a much better team, why he would transfer?

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He is from Spring. Maybe closer to home.


Maybe he likes Louisiana French and Creole cooking more than Memphis dry rub bar b que.


I know I would prefer it.


Being born in Lake Charles, raised mostly in Baton Rouge, and my grandmother being pure Cajun, I was raised on South Louisiana cooking, which I certainly prefer.


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