2022-23 Coaching Carousel Thread

Too many threads on coaching rumors. Lets please keep it in this thread.

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Florida’s filled – Billy Napier. ULL is open as a result.

Updated. Thanks!

Majority of list is taken from twitter

How is Sarkisian at risk? There’s no way he gets bumped after 1 season.


Mainly have him listed because I hate Texas


Carry on.


A coach left OU for USC… I remember in 2016 thinking only programs like Houston get their coaches poached.

Times are changing!!


Oops I already made a new one my bad :joy: so much going on. I’ll post everything I see in this thread

About to be a lot of fake news rolling around, y’all be safe out there :joy:


Don Brown to UMass only turns up the heat for their expectancy of a national championship

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This is probably Lane Kiffin trolling the Tigers again…lol

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Temple fires HC Rod Carey.

$8 million to make him go away.
“in a move to gain stability, Temple offered Rod Carey a massive contract, six years and $2 million annually. The first two seasons had a $10 million buyout. It’s down to $8 million going into his third season.”

Wow what is going on

What’s going on? Transfer portal, that’s what’s going on.

Arthur Johnson New AD at Temple that came from Texas after 7 years.

Im sure he had something to do with it.

The yokels say LSU never spoke to Aranda or Napier.
Speculate the LSU job has been filled since Ed O was fired and the AD is duck hunting these days

Who ? Is the million $ question.

@ 11:10

SMU makes Rhett Lashlee official. Echoes of Chad Morris to me; pretty similar resume. Very much the hot name in OC circles for a while and especially with those “in the know,” but I’ve never really understood why.


Keep an eye out on Fresno St / Washington

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