2022-23 Transfer Portal


Our (probably) biggest need = IOL is low on numbers so far. (below)

Lots of WRs.(below)

4 UH players leaving so far.

They grade them.

Transfers that should make an NFL impact. (9 or 10 grades)

So how does the portal work? Does the player contact CDH, or do we contact the player?

I would guess when you enter your name, any coach can contact you. I’d assume coaches
are having it scanned daily. There may be some nuts and bolts about how and how frequently a coach can contact the guy, or “funding” of an on-site visit ? Be curious to know as well from
someone that has first hand knowledge how it really works.

I’m trying to enter it now… I figure a 40 year old fat guy can probably plug up a running lane pretty well.


When they go to the ncaa website they can say they want to be contacted. If they don’t want to be contacted it means they reached out beforehand, maybe to a coach that recruited them, and said I am transferring, can I go there. So they enter the portal and say no contact and go to the new school.

If they want out and are ready to be a free agent, then they pick up their phone.

Yeah I bet we could team up and really “create havoc” on the field. We could wreck any phase of the game: offense, defense or special teams.

Bryson Smith in the portal…he was such a good player, dont know whay hes not working out now.

He never got a chance at QB would probably be reason number 1.


He was declared academically ineligible for the season. Not doing good in the classroom so he had to transfer. Didn’t have to do with on field



So with the NIL can booster call top transfers and pitch a school? :thinking:

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My understanding is that the player cannot be contacted by a prospective coach/school until their name is in the portal. In other words, the player can’t shop himself around to see if there’s a better situation elsewhere before putting their name in the portal. Likewise, a coach/school can’t start checking in on prospects at other schools and offer them playing time before the name is in the portal.

*officially. Probably some back channeling going on although there are a lot of players in the portal who haven’t found a spot yet

You can be certain high end transfers, as well as high school recruits, will get competing offers from schools. Maybe not per the rule book, but on the low low like digitx said.

What’s to prevent some well heeled alums from saying to a coach, you can tell any potential portal recruit, “if you come here you will be guaranteed x dollars in NIL payments.”

I think that’s exactly how it goes down. “If you come here we will guarantee you xxxx deals in the amount of xxxx dollars”

This is awkward and you have to appreciate the directness that helped coach Carl Reed win multiple Missouri state championships. He is not happy w Doyle (Reed coached him in high school) and saw this coming.

Dylan Robinson into the portal today.
See Transfer Portal link in the 1st post.

Had good offers

Only got into 1 game at UH.

Disappointed but completely expected it. He was really fun to watch in HS, and looked to be a great prospect, but clearly dana is not at all satisfied with the young wrs. But it does make me excited and hopeful that we are going to win some of the 2022 guys like Matthew Golden, DJ Allen, and Dillon Bell along with some more transfers. Dana said last night he wants to bring in 6 wrs this offseason. Right now we have 1 signed


So I assume we can get 6 from the portal in addition to the standard 25.

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Yes, its good timing for the extra guys.
We need numbers now at OL and WR to get those units B12 ready for 2023.

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UH can sign 25 new players to scholarships from high school, junior colleges and the transfer portal. UH can sign up to 7 more if at least 7 players enter the portal from UH by a certain date (we are at 6 per another thread).UH has 9 commits for 2022, meaning it could probably get 23 players from the portal.