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Case did not have a bad game at all. He did a very decent job considering the situation. He surely did not lose the game like many other QB have done or will do today. You are looking at the Steelers not the lingerie football league. When you commit 11 penalties at crucial times it is going to have a major impact on the final result. He got sacked twice but it could have been easily been four times. I actually saw some promising “rapport” with his primary targets. He had just a few days to get some rhythm under his belt. The stupid penalties at 9-20 did it. Obviously I am not a doctor but unless they can drain Bradford’s knee with either an arthroscopic or another procedure (should at least miss a few weeks) I expect Case to start next week. He would have had another week of first Team reps. Interestingly enough the Vikings play against the Buccaneers next week. Make you assumptions after that.

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I don’t think anyone said Keenum had a bad game or that he lost the game. He just can’t win the games for the teams he plays.

I saw this on by Reid Ryan after I said my initial critique of defending against Keenum.


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Let see…Rex Ryan has had how many jobs so far in the NFL? How many winning seasons? How many QB has he developed. Is he employed today? He has been riding his Dad’s coat tail for way too long. He is a decent DC but not much else. I can be very critical with Case but I won’t make a hasty judgement on three days reps with the first Team. He ain’t John Elway or Dan Marino but we will all have a better idea in the next week to two weeks if he starts. Can’t drop bombs? Ask Andre Johnson or other receivers about it. Shurmur (Vikings OC) could only call a limited playbook today. He is no dummy. As we all know Football is a game of habits. Did you think Kyle Allen was horrible vs Arizona? Many people thought so. Today everyone thinks he is awesome. Moderation in everybody’s judgement (including my own) is always good.

That is the dumbest argument you could make to qualify his opinion over your opinion. How many jobs have you had as a coach EVERY?

Also bringing up what he did with Johnson doesn’t negate anything i said. Especially when the first comment i made was “The strategy to defend Keenum has been pretty consistent SINCE his starts with the Texans”

What Keenum did his first few games is completely negated by the adjustments all the defenses have made since then.

Easy Jimmy, you keep writing that Case is no good over and over again. Then why is he still in the NFL? What Rex Ryan said has been said before. Did Pete Caroll do the same thing the last few years? Yes he did and case won two out of three against one of the best defenses in the league. The fact is that the NFL has very few Teams that are good at all levels. You can’t make an assumption like many that Case is terrible because he did not win today but the Vikings won last week. Every game is different. Treat it as such. Rex is out of a job because he failed at every stops where he was put in charge. He had full reign. This is on him.

For one, i’ve never said Case is “no good.” I’ve said that he has a problem with not taking chances and defenses no that. If he gets time, he is plenty good but there is a reason that he doesn’t get time.

You said Case must be good because he keeps getting NFL jobs. How many jobs did Rex Ryan keep getting? You say Rex is out of a job because he failed at every stop. He got jobs for 23 straight years in the NFL. That is a pretty good resume for a guy that failed at every stop. So if Keenum plays for 10 teams over 23 years and then retires, would you consider that a failure?

Guys please stop the internet posturing, this is what gets threads closed.


Case had some nice passes today. When it was time to go win his teammates had some bad penalties and bad calls. Pittsburgh and Rothlesburger were outstanding.


Case’s issues are an NFL issue. Offenses in the NFL are almost all the same which means it boils down to who the more talented QB is. That’s a problem with coaching as no OC is willing to go outside the box and try something new for fear of being called out and shunned the next time he needs a job.

There is no tailoring offenses to fit the players anymore, just trying to find players that fit the offenses. Case’s strengths are wasted in today’s NFL.

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Case Keenum, NFL starting QB for 4 different head coaches.

I think it boils down to which teams have the best O LINE, and not the best QB.
Shaun looked great for a couple seasons, then the Texans decided to that one side of the O Line cost too much to retain and lost those players to free agency.
Then Shaub looked like crap.

When you have horrible line play, your QB and skill position players look terrible. When the Oline is great it turns the, into heroes.

The issue with the Texans is stupid blind loyalty. If you ever listen to Ted Johnson he says The Patriots are so good because if you are all-world and 29 years old, you are trade bait. If Belechik were coach here the J.J. Watts would be for sale while he had the highest value. Get a couple 1st rounders and 2nd and. 4th and trade him away before an injury gives you nothing for him.

Same would have occurred with Andre Johnson. That is why even after the Pats lost their draft choices to deflate-gate, they STiLL had an excess of choices. They reload with young talent. At this point he might just ride Gronk into retirement. But it is why they have been great for a couple decades…same with Pitt.

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Good point. Pats do try to keep their OLine and DLine for awhile, and of course Brady. Everyone else is expendable. They also draft well and are aggressive in free agency. They believe in their culture and aren’t afraid to pick up guys that had issues other places if they believe they can help. Still, if they don’t have Brady, they don’t do as well.

Texans main problem is 1) their GM is an idiot and 2) their coach is too. Even if they try to churn out players, I have no faith in them actually acquiring better players (see Texans QB position). Before you can even get to the point of competing with the Patriots, you have to fix those two spots and then you have to get a quality QB.

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yep! The Texans will remain a .500 team until they get rid of those two.


I disagree withe the premise, “if they don’t have Brady, they don’t do well”.
They have traded away or lost in FA several QBs who performed fantastic as a Pat only to crash after going to another team.

Offensive Line, it starts and ends with the offensive line and then the QB. It can’t be true the other way around. That is why (I have made that point multiple times) so many called 1st round QB/Superstar QB end up at WASTE MANAGEMENT. Think of it as gas and engine. You can’t go on the road if you do not have both. You can’t be successful in college or the NFL without a dominating one. The Patriots have won for so long because they do re-load, they find the right players. Seabass leaves and he too was replaced.
How many G.M.'s and Coaches do what the Patriots, Seahawks and Steelers do season after season? NONE. That is why the NFL is almost unwatchable today.
Just to think that the Texans select Watson with this current OL is the perfect example of why so many first rounder QB fail. Just like Case yesterday Watson was running for his life. It is a matter of time before he calls 911. It has happened time after time. Meanwhile they, the Texans have amassed so many first round picks with the terrible results that everyone can see. You would think that they would address this recurring problem…Well did they? There are offenses that fit the players. Seattle is one of them. They have adapted their playbook around Wilson. The Patriots did too. The 49ers did the same thing with Joe Montana.
Only short minded Coaches and G.M.'s do not do it. That is why NFL Coaches are fired so often. You need to belong to a handful (at best) organisation to succeed in the NFL. You don’t? You will bounce from Team to Team.


Keenum is starting again this week…

On Friday, Bradford will get a second opinion today on his left knee from Dr. James Andrews, Chris Mortensen of ESPN.com (on Twitter) hears. Dr. Andrews performed Bradford’s first two ACL surgeries, so he’s quite familiar with his medical history.

The Vikings’ plan was to have Bradford practice this week and see how his knee responded to treatment. He found himself pretty limited and the Vikings have been forced shelve him once again. It’s not clear what their plan is for Bradford beyond this week. What we do know is that Case Keenum will be getting the start once again in Bradford’s absence. They’ll hope for better results than what they got against the Steelers in Week 2.

Unfortunately for Bradford it looks like more and more like a partial tear. Knee surgeries can be very misleading. Your knee appears to be back 100% and a year later another ACL happen. I have seen it with 16 years old or 30+. The truth is nobody can be sure on how “stable” the knee will be. I truly wish him good luck. His future health depends on it. I will add that since the Vikings made it known on Friday tells you a lot more than what is being reported.

This is a good piece on Case.


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