2022 CBB Head Coaching Vacancies thread

A thread for all the current head coach openings:

1.Louisville- Kenny Payne

2.Maryland-Kevin Willard

3.Florida- Todd Golden

4.Georgia - Mike White

5.Missouri-Dennis Gates

6.LSU- Matt McMahon

7.South Carolina-Lamont Paris

8.Mississippi State- Chris Jans

9.Kansas State-Jerome Tang

10.Xavier- Sean Miller

11.Seton Hall-

12.SMU- Rob Lanier

13.Tulsa- Eric Konkol

14.East Carolina - Michael Schwartz

15.Rhode Island- Archie Miller

16.San Francisco-Chris Gerlufsen

17.New Mexico St-Greg Heiar

18.UMASS- Frank Martin

19.Murray State- Steve Prohm

20.Louisiana Tech- Talvin Hester

A few other smaller school openings

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We have been lucky to keep our assistant coaches. I got to think one of them gets a look.

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Another SEC job

Does it “just mean more” to get fired in SEC?


More $$$ :joy:

Good thing CKS gets everything he asks for at U of H or I might be a little worried.

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Coach White should get an interview or two.

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4 straight seasons of missing the tournament

When Chris Mack was there they made the tournament basically every season

Mike White missing the tournament. Probably would’ve been on the Hot Seat next season if he stayed at Florida

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Yeah Mike White can coast for 4 seasons at 19-13 and never even have to worry about getting fired. Especially if UGA football continues its roll. UGA fans don’t give two craps about anything except UGA football and UGA spring football.

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I’m not sure he gets quite everything he asks for at UH. It seems like CKS has been subtly nudging our administration for upgrades to the Guy V. Lewis facility all year, and haven’t heard of any action being taken. That being said, I’m not too worried about these vacancies, especially with next year’s team coming in.

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Would Martin return to Kansas State…and would they want him? I remember him doing such good things there.

I wouldnt. 2 good seasons out of 10 at South Carolina.

Only 1 tournament appearance

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Goodman still thinks Mississippi St fires Howland, after NIT

I noticed the SEC is cleaning house.


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