2022 Coogs in the NFL


Logan Hall and Marcus Jones will be on rosters next season.


Ed Oliver (1.5 sacks) and the entire Bills defense had a great day.
The crushed Zach Wilson. Jets with just 53 total yards.

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Ed Oliver in action on the #1 overall Bills defense vs the Pats.
Its freezing but no snow. On CBS.
M Stevenson is inactive tonight.

And Ed is playing without long sleeves in the cold… so much for the theory that he gets cold easy and always needs a jacket…


Stevenson’s muffed punt leading to a safety has cost him his duties on special teams. He has been a healthy inactive for the second straight week now. May not bode well for him as a Bill in the future. Hopefully he’ll have a good training camp next year.


Bills destroying NE

Greg Ward/Eagles at Bucs on Fox.
Eagles w 7 yards passing and 1 first down so far.
Ward out there for a few plays.
Eagles getting whipped so far.

Stuard w a tackle on punt coverage.

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Have they even tried to target Ward?

I hope the Bills go all the way and when they do Ed Oliver brings the ring to campus and passes it around to players and recruits.

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Root for the Steelers to pull the huge upset at KC tonight.
Steelers win = Bills v Bengals in Buffalo. KC win = Bills at KC.

Steelers can’t even score 10 pts most gms. Not happening.

Ed Oliver and the Bills defense at KC now. On CBS.
Stevenson inactive.

Grant Stuard and Tampa with a furious comeback. Lose after a coverage screw-up leads to a game winning FG.

Big Ed sack Mahomes for a loss of 7 yards.

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Im officially a bills fan now for the rest of the season…RIP TB 2022

This might be Ed’s best game of his career.

Odd coincidence so far:
All 3 visiting teams won by
Visiting team kicker
Making field goal in last second

This Bills v Chiefs game is incredible.


All 4 Weekend gms have been Tremendous!!

Edit: High level Football



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