2022 Greg Ward Thread- re-signs w the Eagles


Not bad 2.4 million for one year


I was about to say ick…but yeah $2.4 mln is nice. Really hope they actually use him next year


I’m sure he would tell you his career has not gone as well as he would like……but it’s very cool that he has made some nice money over the years ( has made just shy of 2M total before this contract)……keep working towards that NFL pension.
Very proud of the young man.


Great for being part of the team. The amount is actually a “bargain” for his time in the league. I would have liked to play for the Bucks.

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He already has it since hes been on an active roster for 3 years. That said, the more years he plays, the better the benefits. So youre more or less right.


He is at the very near top of my favorites U of H players.
Just imagine Greg getting the ball from a Brady, Brees, Wilson…


I was really hoping he would get signed by another team. I feel the Eagles have always undervalued and under appreciated his talents.


G Ward has made @ $2 million so far with another $1 million coming for 2022.
That move to slot WR has worked out well


Congrats to GW Jr. If he signed as undrafted free agent, I see King being about the same. Even though it has been one year contracts, GW has been able to string four together.

You see D King in the NFL ?

Projected late 5-6 round, but like I said, if Ward was undrafted, I do not see King any higher. But Ward has made a career out of free agency and one year contracts.

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I think King is a risky pick given he has been injury prone. If he can make a practice squad for a team…. Then who knows.

Yes I see him as an UFA too.

I think King will be alright from an injury standpoint. The resources the NFL has compared to college is quite wide I think in terms of medical/S&C.

King has met with a few NFL teams already

Hopefully the Eagles will target him more, seems like when the did throw Ward the ball the results were positive. They just didn’t throw it to him enough when I saw them play.

Plus the move to the slot will mean he won’t be getting mashed by line backers and defensive lineman. With his speed and shiftiness, he is worth a late round pick.

I don’t see King getting drafted, more UFA potential. What worked in Greg’s favor was that he learned and executed the playbook quickly.


King will be playing in the USFL or XFL next spring