2022 NFL Draft

Now that we just finished 2021, who do y’all guys have going next year?

Kody Russey - 2 inches taller and this guy is probably a day 2 pick. He’s really good.

David Anenih - He’s an animal at getting after the QB. Could work himself into a draft pick. One trick pony right now.

Deontay Anderson - The position switch is going to do wonders. I think he is going to have a really strong year.

Damarion Williams - I think he is a lockdown corner. We’ll see if NFL scouts agree.


That d tackle transfer from Iowa St will turn heads.

I think he is a junior. I was just focusing on Seniors.

Marcus Jones will be a slot corner in the nfl and will add a lot of return value.

Coaches are speaking about Logan Hall as if he’s the best player on the defense. I know he’ll still be a jr due to the COVID year but if he has a Payton Turner level impact next year I can see him leaving.

Could see it. I just didn’t want to get into every player on the roster for 2022. Lol

KeSean Carter, Trahan, Bankston, and Jones are all guys that could leave early. Maybe Logan Hall as well.

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