2022 Week 4 - Non-UH Games Thread

WVU at VT tonight.

UVA at (surprisingly undefeated) Cuse.
Also Boise at UTEP.

TCU at SMU a sell out.

Kansas Will Play Duke With a Sold Out Crowd For the First Time in a Long Time

Is Tonight’s Game a Must Win For Neal Brown and the Mountaineers?

Illinois v Tenn-Chattanooga on BTN.

VA Tech has one of the best entrances in cfb

“Broken Window Special”

You leave two tickets
on your dash at kickoff. Come back in the second quarter and your window is busted and there are four tickets there.


Go Hokies. A lot of relatives went there, as well as WV.

Loved the 94 yd drive…hated settling for a FG.

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Kinda reminds me of a drive the coogs had last week. Took over 6 mins off the clock to kick a fg.

Try being down 18 in the 4th quarter when that happens…

Still early yet…give it about 2 hrs and we’ll see if we can top it.

I cant believe that fool Hokie was dead to rights on 3rd down and the ball is deflected right to his damn teammate…WOW! Lucky basterds!

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What is the derrogatory WV nickname for the Hokies?

Well, i like to call them Vagina Tech, but as a WVU fan that does come with some complications. :wink:

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Man im so done with all the undisciplined errors…dont get me wrong, i am happy with the Daniels TD pass just before halftime, but i feel like we could be killing these Hokies and we arent.

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Really liking the WVU play calling.

Would UH want Graham Harrell? Could we get him…?

CJ Donaldson is a DUDE! and i hope we didnt just lose him to a wrist injury. Damn!

I certainly hope not, he might be the only decent coach on our staff…i could do without our DC Jordan Lesley.

The next Kliff Kingsbury

Holding. NOT CALLED by blind arsed officials

They didnt see the Hold/TACKLE but they saw pass interference on THAT

WVU 16 VT 7. Officials 3

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