2023 Final Four Hosts

What is our responsibility as hosts?

Win six consecutive games

Sorry Dustin - I try to avoid snarky responses but that softball was to tempting to pass up :sunglasses:


Invite 67 other teams to lose.


More of an obligation to win it all.


Make it to the championship game!


The alums of the host Universities (UH & Rice) are encouraged to volunteer to host a visiting family into their home during the final weekend.

This helps the visiting fans get a “genuine” look into the living conditions of an alum of a host University.

It is in the NCAA by laws under NCAA Tournament host exchange program. Room & Board is required but luckily, food and beverages are optional but “encouraged”. It even says, and I quote:

“Host families are encouraged to provide meals, even if is a continental breakfast variety, say a bagel, fruit, and coffee- it really promotes the NCAA’s hospitality and helps to make the visit as welcoming as possible.”

There are other criteria under the host exchange program but I can’t type everything plus I made all of that up.


Host Families! That’s great! Made me laugh out loud waiting for takeout at a dainty Southern cafe. I’m the only dude in here. :grin:

I believe host schools allow their facilities to be used for teams to practice in. Similar to how we hosted the Patriots during the Super Bowl.

The NCAA’s hospitality… What???