2023 McDonald's All Americans announced

24 total players

For next years Big 12:

Kansas- Elmarko Jackson

Baylor - Ja’Kobe Walter

Iowa State-Omaha Biliew

Oklahoma St - Brandon Garrison

Texas - Ron Holland (possibly decommits with Beard firing)

Kentucky has 4 players on the list



Unless Texas just falls apart under Terry they will be fine.

I’m thinking the same. Short term they will keep Terry to keep those two five stars for next season. Kinda of what happened at Tech after Beard left them.

Hopefully one day Houston will be represented on the McD AA by multiple players much like Kentucky and Duke currently are.


Doesn’t matter how highly rated they are as long as they are cougars!

I am calling it: Bronny James will be a Coog!!


Bronny is a Top 40 player but no way is he a McDonald’s All American in my book. Lol


Bronny gonna end up at USC I am guessing


I don’t even consider him top 50.



Yes, and the Lakers ( or whoever dad is playing for after his freshman year)have to draft him! :joy:

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Wesley Yates is so much better. Shoo- Kordelius Jefferson probably beats him 1 on 1. No joke! I think Bronny only averages 14 pts as a senior and he’s a tweener without a true position.


McDonald’s All Americans to play for UH:

  • Rickie Winslow
  • Alton Ford
  • Devonta Pollard
  • Quentin Grimes
  • Jarace Walker
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Danuel House was a 5 star Top 20 recruit on ESPN and didn’t get an invite…

Honestly, I always thought House was a buster, but he has made a nice career for himself in the league following James Harden wherever he goes. :rofl:

At least he was at the Jordan Brand game when it was on par w/MickieDick’s game.

Really wanted Jared McCain here. I know the team and coach did to. But i guess he had a list of the things he dreamt about and he’s checking them off one by one.

McDonald’s All-American——top 20 consensus

Wendy’s All-American—— #21-40

Burger King All-American—-#41-60

Whataburger All-American——#61-80


Taco Bell—All-American——#101-120

Sonic All-American—-#121-140

Dairy Queen All-American—-#141-160

Panera Bread All-American—-#161-180

Popeyes All-American—-#181-200

Pizza Hut All-American—-#201-220

Subway All-American—-#221-240

KFC All-American—-#241-260

Chipotle All-American—-#261-280

Raising Cane’s All-American—-#281-300

Starbucks All-American——#301-320

Shipley’s All-American——#321-340

Domino’s All-American——#341-360

Baskin-Robbins All-American—-#361-380

Arby’s All-American——#381-400

Jimmy John’s All-American——#401-420

Jack in the Box All-American——#421-440

Wing stop All-American——#441-460

Steak n’ Shake All-American——#461-480

El Pollo Loco All-American——#481-500

Our coaching staff is the best in the country at player development IMO.
We don’t need McDonald’s.

If we get the Burger King to Taco Bell kids and coach them up we are top 10 in the country every year.

A McDonald’s every now and then is nice if they have the temperament and desire of Jarace.


What is your thought process for these rankings? Why are Chick-fil-A and Shipleys lower than Burger King?

I wasn’t ranking fast food joints….just using names.

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I need my go to sandwich place in there somewhere!

Schlotzsky’s :yum:

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