2023 NBA Mock Draft: Updated Full 2-Round Predictions

Walker #10
Sasser #30
TA #40

Wow Sasser to the Rox would be awesome. I’d start watching more lol


I wonder if TA would come out after this yr if he winds up being projected for the 2nd rd?

Coming back for his Soph season to hopefully be a 1st rd pick.

It would be for sure……” limited athleticism “ for Sasser? I call BS.


He went through the combine and it’s been measured. For a 6’2” guard his athleticism is probably below average for a legitimate NBA prospect unless he measures a lot better next go around. If he was 6’7” with a 7’ wingspan his athleticism wouldn’t be a knock though.

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I agree… but a lot can happen between now and then. Both will continue to improve on defense

I don’t think Terrance would leave if he was projected to be a 2nd round pick. This is where NIL will help


Guys like Kennedy Chandler who were drafted 2nd rd.

4yr for 7.1M. If a team was offering him that. Maybe he does.

Guaranteed? That would be difficult to turn down

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4.9M guaranteed. Drafted pick #38. So early 2nd round

Jarace Walker 18
Terrence Arceneaux 22
Marcus Sasser 24

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That would be insane

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UH has an insane amount of talent!!!

Mark could get drafted next season if he comes back as the go to guy. I think his shot will get more consistent if hes in the lab.

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