2023 Offers

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So this kid just finished 8th grade?

Yea, it starts early. I’m assuming he was already up at the team camp.

yeah, i was going to say that…technically like 200 kids are taking an unofficial to houston right now

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6’7" and he’s an incoming HS freshman or sophomore? The young man could be quite the big when he makes it into college. Glad we’re on him early.

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Incoming Freshman

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Wow…6’9" 215…and a few years away from being on a campus! That kid is going to be 7’2" 250 if he plays in college.

We’re in early early.

Have to be, class of 22 &23 in TX are loaded and everyone is coming into recruit the state.

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Maybe, or maybe not. Some kids get their growth spurts earlier than others. When I was 12, I was 5-6 and everyone said I was going to be tall. Now I’m 73 and still 5-6 – maybe even a quarter inch shorter. My high school classmate grew 8 inches from end of 9th thru 12th grade. He is still 6-2.

While at the Naval Academy, David Robinson went from 6-7 to 7-1. You never know.

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6-1 Fred Payne from Grambling, La

What’s up with these high school basketball players moving to another state to play basketball? I didn’t know high schools were allowed to recruit kids from other states.


Kids are going to Prep schools to increase there chances of being pros. You play and practice against other high level kids.

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you get a good education to make the other under the table things less noticible and its in Kansas. He might be trying to get recruited.

He was going to get recruited, regardless. This just speed things up on getting the bigger schools to offer him quicker. Bigger stage and playing against better competition in HS. That’s why Griggs left.

There’s a top 10 Kid from Houston called Tyler Smith. Looks like a Jarred Vanderbilt clone. Won’t shocked me if he transfers to a Prep after his sophomore year.

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