2023 Roster Prediction

Nothing has been announced

Kilpatrick signed with the Braves, so cross him out. Need to find a CF.

Jack Duffy has played/can play CF. Incoming freshman Gabriel Flores is a well-regarded for his OF defense.

This was good. From mid July.
Talks UH headed to B12.
UH Baseball will have some of the better facilities in the B12.

Apologies if already posted.

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Hopefully he is an ace pitcher who can hit for average and power……you know, the greatest two way player of all-time.

Like another Lincoln? Yep that would be nice


Or this guy?



What is the kid’s name? I didn’t see it in the twitter feed.

It’s Paul, of course. :laughing:

I could not find anything on him. Anyone have any European contacts?

So put out a video on twitter of a new player from overseas but didn’t mention who it was?

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Secret weapon? Create a buzz? I don’t know. I figured someone that followed the program a little closer than I do would know. I looked for any kind of press release about international signing for UH baseball but did not see it. He put on #27 and there is no #27 on the roster. As Coogman91 says, he is Paul from Germany…

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That’s what should be on his jersey - PaulGermany. It’s like Ron Burgundy, but more awesome.

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German lessons with Paul Ball during the games? Those Sea Bass German lesson videos were great during the football games.

I could not find one of those old Rob videos but there is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_XhtlfH2dw

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Son and I were reminiscing about The Rob Days just other day…some of the best times. The Ol’ Gal had lots of character and grace…just don’t mention the bathrooms :grinning:

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Those were character without grace. :laughing:

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At least they had fans in there. TDECU could sure use some.

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What about LSU transfer Bianca - solid player

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