2023 Schedule Dates (might change but it seems to be set in stone)

Februrary 17-19: vs Cal
Feb 22 - @ UTSA
Feb 24-26 - OSU/Utah/Corpus (or school with an I logo) at some college classic
Feb 28th - vs TxSoU

March 3-5: @ UTRGV
March 7 - vs PVAMU
March 10-12 vs OU
March 14 - vs TAMU
March 17-19 - @ Minnesota
March 20 - @ McNeese
March 22 - vs Southern
March 24-26 - vs Northwestern State Devils

Rice - home on April 4, away on May 3 and 10
SHSU - Home on April 11, away on March 28 and May 16

Conference Slates:
Home slates - ECU, USF, Wichita State, Cini
Away slates - Wichita State, Mempiss, UCF, Tulane

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I have my sources :wink:

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We get it……we just don’t want to see it……garbage again.


I’m pretty good with:

Cal, OU, Minnesota, SHSU, McNeese, TAMU, Utah/OSU, Rice, and ECU

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Whew, '27 Yankees level schedule. This is 12th year here and that’s where program stands…


Cant be worse than 2022.
11 losses vs bottom half w the 115th SOS Non- Conf.

I’m with you on this one.

It’s hardly our best schedule ever, but not a piss poor one either. Good enough.

Let’s hope that we can turn it around this year.

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It is “piss poor”.

That schedule will most likely require winning the conference tournament.

Not good enough to get an at-large….it sucks.

Schools you listed:

OSU was #19 and Utah was #110 in RPI

Oklahoma for 3 games——if they are as good as last year that would be excellent….#5 RPI

A$M finished with RPI of #8 but it’s only one game

Cal #78 RPI—-3 games
SHSU #116—3 games
McNeese#165— game
Rice # 204 —-3 games
Minnesota #246 3 games

This schedule is not getting you an at-large birth….

These are just the ones you listed……ECU is conference….so it’s not something they scheduled.

Also, San Marcos is just down the road and had a #20 RPI and UTSA had a #40 RPI, both teams were in the tournament and would have been easy drives to get OOC good RPI games….but Cal and Minnesota are better?

What a joke.


Looks like we play at UTSA in Feb

My mistake, did not see it on schedule….is it just one game or a series?

Midweek game

Would like to see the Cal game, I will be in town for the Memphis basketball game at 2:00


Wish Rice was Rice again. We played them 5 times per year and they were ranked very high and a win or loss against them raised our RPI.

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Nah. I’m good beating them all of the time.


Rice and SHSU used to be good programs, probably why we scheduled them. Oklahoma series should be good and Cal is always surprising.

Assigned all the home games to ESPN + .
AAC road games should be soon.

Kleberg College Classic in Corpus is on Flo Network.

Hopefully UTRGV series, @ UTSA, @ McNeese get on TV.
At Minnesota series on B10 Network ?

Despite current issues, I’m looking forward to watching every game possible.

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Anyone going to the UTSA game in San Antonio?