2023 Schedule Dates (might change but it seems to be set in stone)

Februrary 17-19: vs Cal
Feb 22 - @ UTSA
Feb 24-26 - OSU/Utah/Corpus (or school with an I logo) at some college classic
Feb 28th - vs TxSoU

March 3-5: @ UTRGV
March 7 - vs PVAMU
March 10-12 vs OU
March 14 - vs TAMU
March 17-19 - @ Minnesota
March 20 - @ McNeese
March 22 - vs Southern
March 24-26 - vs Northwestern State Devils

Rice - home on April 4, away on May 3 and 10
SHSU - Home on April 11, away on March 28 and May 16

Conference Slates:
Home slates - ECU, USF, Wichita State, Cini
Away slates - Wichita State, Mempiss, UCF, Tulane

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I have my sources :wink:

We get it……we just don’t want to see it……garbage again.


I’m pretty good with:

Cal, OU, Minnesota, SHSU, McNeese, TAMU, Utah/OSU, Rice, and ECU

Whew, '27 Yankees level schedule. This is 12th year here and that’s where program stands…


Cant be worse than 2022.
11 losses vs bottom half w the 115th SOS Non- Conf.

I’m with you on this one.

It’s hardly our best schedule ever, but not a piss poor one either. Good enough.

Let’s hope that we can turn it around this year.

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It is “piss poor”.

That schedule will most likely require winning the conference tournament.

Not good enough to get an at-large….it sucks.

Schools you listed:

OSU was #19 and Utah was #110 in RPI

Oklahoma for 3 games——if they are as good as last year that would be excellent….#5 RPI

A$M finished with RPI of #8 but it’s only one game

Cal #78 RPI—-3 games
SHSU #116—3 games
McNeese#165— game
Rice # 204 —-3 games
Minnesota #246 3 games

This schedule is not getting you an at-large birth….

These are just the ones you listed……ECU is conference….so it’s not something they scheduled.

Also, San Marcos is just down the road and had a #20 RPI and UTSA had a #40 RPI, both teams were in the tournament and would have been easy drives to get OOC good RPI games….but Cal and Minnesota are better?

What a joke.


Looks like we play at UTSA in Feb

My mistake, did not see it on schedule….is it just one game or a series?

Midweek game

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