2023 Seat Upgrade Process (Football)

I got an email this morning describing the football seat upgrade process and my time slot. Out of curiosity, I checked out the seats available for upgrade. I doubted I could find improvement, but I had to check. I’m surprised at how few seats are available for upgrade. Maybe I’m missing something, but I simply don’t believe all those seats are already sold.

For example, am I really to believe that there are only seven unsold seats in Section 231? I am fully prepared to learn I’m misinterpreting this data.

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In theory, the only seats that would be listed during this upgrade process would be seats that were not renewed this year that were sold last year. So, it would make sense that you wouldn’t see a lot of available seats, the seats that were not sold last year could have already been purchased earlier this year.

However, UH for some reason doesn’t show all the available seats when you are looking at a map. There must be reasons for doing this, but I’m sure if you call the ticket office and ask if there are any other seats aside from those listed, they would tell you yes and help you buy them.

They definitely aren’t showing you everything.

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I am ranked in the 1500s and I started with season tickets in 2013, it will be a while before it gets to me.

I would expect all unsold seats to be available for upgrade. A season ticket holder may want to move to a more desirable section even if that seat wasn’t sold as a season ticket last year.


They had a process for that already. It wasn’t very well advertised though.

They actually let anyone upgrade to just about anything during that process. You had to call them.

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If you pull up the upgrade map, it only shows two tickets in section 229 available.
If you pull up the regular map to purchase season tickets, it shows 68 tickets in section 229 available.

Need to look at both maps to get some ideas of what is available, but also they aren’t showing everything available even when you look at both maps.

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I don’t even have the option in my account to review potential seats that the email references.

On a separate note, does anyone have a link or name of the company that installs the chair back cushions?


I wasn’t able to see the option using my phone, but when I logged into my laptop I was able to see it

How did you get your ranking?

Check your email from UH Athletics.
It could be in your spam or junk folder but here is a screenshot of what the message is.

I think you should get your ranking by how many badges you get coogfans. :grinning:

Or Flags for that matter. Personal foul-- illegal misconduct.

Number 233 baby! Selecting tomorrow at 1:52!



Someone just snagged the 1st row seats in 329 that were available…i was hoping to pick those up

My upgrade time is today. Just logged in to check what is available.

UH site shows me 3 groups of tickets (16 seats total) in 331, as the ONLY available tickets in the entire stadium.

I guess TDECU is basically sold out?

I doubt this is true but no clue why all unsold tickets are not showing as available.

Glad I am happy with my current seats.

Probably ticket brokers or UH is pulling the stupid stunt of “holding “ tickets back for whatever reasons lol

First Row section 117, seats 1-4 and row 2 seats 1-3… I may upgrade to have AC access one day but I love my section and seats!