2023 US News Law School Rankings

Another good showing by the law school.


Moved up two spaces to #58 overall out of 192 accredited law schools (counting unaccredited schools, it’s well over 200).

We had the following specialty rankings:

Intellectual Property #6
Health Law #7
Part-Time Law #9
Environmental Law #21
Trial Advocacy #31 (an 11-point increase from 2021)
Business Corporate Law #44 (an eight-point increase from 2021)
Dispute Resolution #47 (a five-point increase from 2021)
Tax Law #49 (a four-point increase from 2021)

The only disappointing thing is that aTm has now passed us in the law school rankings at #46; UT remains clearly tops in TX.

At #58 overall, UH tied for #3 in TX with far more expensive Baylor and SMU; we beat both in several specialty areas.


I know we have some top notched law students, but I wonder if our new state of the art law school building will attract more high rated applicants?

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One can only hope!

Building/Facilities is one area where we lagged behind many top law schools for years. This puts us closer to the top in that regard.

It bothers me that aTm has made such a rise in the rankings. If nothing else, hopefully this new building lets us get past them!


TAMU went from over 150 to 46. What in the world did they do to get that high in eight years?

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When they first took over Texas Wesleyan, they were literally taking over a school that was absolutely ROCK bottom.

Since then, they have greatly improved admission standards and pumped tons of money in.

You see the results.

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That’s insanely impressive

So what you’re saying is UH doesn’t pump the same amount of money or in what aspect are we lacking we can’t be #2? I think last year we were 2 spots in front and now they’re 12 spots ahead

Given that UH doesn’t have aTm’s money, that’s the only assumption I can make: their resources are pushing them over the top.

If there’s any other explanation, then it isn’t apparent.

Also maybe some lean toward brand names more.

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I definitely think the new building will help.

I actually attended UHLC as a visiting student, and can say that the quality of the classrooms and buildings was way lower than I expected. Also did not help that the place smelled like sandwiches due to the Subway in the basement!

Hard to compare ourselves to TAMU Law School; again, the TAMU name has higher brand recognition than we do at this point. As the overall reputation of UH improves, so will the reputation of the UHLC.

With that said, lawyers know that UHLC is a great school that produces great lawyers. This is important for job prospects.


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