2024-25 Coaching Carousel Thread

Sign of the college football apocalypse. The head coach at UCLA leaves to become the OC at Ohio State.

This is not the game I grew up with and loved.


Rose bowl at So fi in 3…2…

Red river shootout gonna be at at&t one day too

On the brightside, growing up in the 90s with eric crouch and ricky williams, wouldnt change a thing

Chip Kelly knows a lot about what’s happening behind the scenes in CFB.

This move is says a lot about the futur.


I’ve got to ask my UCLA buddy about this, i find it surprising

Chip really did not meet expectations. The talent pool is in his door steps. He has no excuses for being a terrible recruiter. It is not like ucla is South Dakota intramural.
There is zero excuse for a USC and ucla not be in the top five programs. Even with all of the administration baggage ucla has every opportunity just like USC to be a dominant program.
The more days go by and the more I feel like we hired the very best football H.C. in the nation. HCWF is perfect for us.


Prime to UCLA?

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Took another job before the inevitable with ucla

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Its amazing that even before NIL UCLA football has been an afterthought after them being pretty good in the 80’s and 90’s.

What is amazing is their administration. The current administration could care less about sports. This has been going on for close to 20 years now. They hate sports. Even though with the local talent they could have multiple football National Championships. This is not even a debate. USC is private but there is also a strong anti sports push. Both programs should be in the top five programs year after year if they had the administration’s backing.
NIL, can someone explain to me why NIL is not flourishing in the greater Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and Imperial County? NIL was made for the entertainment capital of the world.

Kelly is a decent coach but he obviously didn’t want to be there. At least he knew to get out unlike another coach. I won‘t mention any names.


USC and UCLA both have multiple scandals. Molesting doctors on staff? Yep. Drug dealing med school administrators? Check. Buying admission? Check.

When the lawsuits settle both schools will be in trouble. I think the new heads of both schools are preparing for that day.

I also believe that’s why both were eager to leave their identity behind for $$$.

UCLA has not been relevant in football since Terry Donahue coached QB Troy Aikman 1986-1988.

ucla’s administration hates sports. It reminds me of our administration from the mid 90’s. There are no excuses for ucla to not be a National contender every season. NONE.

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They finished 14th in the final rankings in 2014 and that was their highest finish since finishing 10th in 1998 which was their last conference championship.


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California, Texas and Florida produce the most NFL players. Just look at the hast two years.
Numbers have fluctuated over the past three seasons but these states truly dominates.


Foster from RB coach to head coach heading into the big10 with LSU on the schedule, if they have more than 3 wins, i’d be suprised: https://fbschedules.com/2024-ucla-football-schedule/. as much as there is static on coog coaching hires, coog hires looked great by comparison