2024/25 NCAA Basketball off-season - Non-UH

Thread for random non-UH basketball items


SMU is like


No one is taking SMU serious after buying their way to the ACC.

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The real reason the SEC hasn’t raided the ACC…

They don’t want that BIG 12 basketball :basketball: SMOKE!!!


We have complained about our ooc home schedule, this ain’t good

this is basically us… lol 1 marquee game (Marquette), and the rest buy games… this has been us for the last 6 years, it looks particularly bad because they didnt include their away noteable game and their MTE… we normally present it all at once

The buy games aren’t even close actually. (Our last year slate vs MD’s slate this year).

They are playing 4 games vs 340+ NET teams, we played none, our lone 300+ Net game was Jackson State 305.
Then they play 4 games vs teams 242-299. we have 1 in that bucket ULM #296.
They play zero games vs teams under 200 NET, we scheduled #s, 129, 141, 157, 175 & 194.

Every team they are playing had a losing record last year, we played 6 teams with winning records and 2 who didn’t The 2 that didn’t were 14-18, and 8-21. They are playing teams that went, 6-23, 6-22, 5-20, 13-18, 14-19, 13-18, 13-19.

MD playing that schedule is beyond stupid, and they will cry when they are one of the last 4 out.

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it was just a season ago we played mcnesse, nc a&T, and texas southern all in the same season (all sub 300 teams)…

this isnt too far off from that, our home schedule a season ago

Northern Colorado
Oral Roberts
Texas Southern
Kent State
Norfolk State
North Florida
North Carolina A&T

the buy games were slightlighy better last year but i doubt that was a decision factor …corpus chrisit and stetson would have been on our schedule regardless if they were willing to agree to our terms . them being top 200 was just a happy bonus

NM not even worth the back and fourth other than saying our coach knows how to schedule as well as anyone.

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Again that is way off. 1/2 of MD’s buys are over 340 NET teams. As compared to our schedule 2 years ago.

Northern Colorado 203
Oral Roberts 160
Texas Southern 196
Kent State 138
Norfolk State 169
North Florida 275
North Carolina A&T 286
McNeese 313

Are we looking at the same year or does Kenpom and net have drastically differently numbers

In Kenpom it’s pretty similar… and the difference between them isn’t much

I don’t think it’ll matter much as long as they win. The bigger factor is the quality of their MTE, seats and neutral which actually weigh more in NET

230 and 320 are both Q4 at home

While both are Q4 230 vs 340 is not insignificant when it comes to calculating a teams NET. The numbers I’m looking at are where teams were ranked the year prior to playing us, when we scheduled them.

Man… I really wanted to see $head do Kolek DIRTY!!!

I think it’s a money thing too. UC had to take a home & home with Howard because they couldbt afford another buy game so they got creative and went to Howard last year so they come to our place for free this season.

Uc is also due for a foreign trip but are strapped for cash. I know UC has basically shipped all athletic fundraising to NIL. But it’s still hurting the university because our shares are still reduced in the big 12 and we spent a bunch of money to be day 1 ready.

But yea this all in on NIL has hurt schools like UC until the big money kicks in. The bright side is

lol fun things are happening at memphis right now

  • Penny just made a statement that memphis would be nothing without him… which is causing crazy uproar among their fans

  • they are trying to get caleb mills a medical reshirt, he played about 4 more games over the limit of what could qualify as a medical redshirt

  • Former Joe Cooper on his time as a Memphis Tiger: “The worst experience I’ve ever experienced.” basically says that penny was a terrible players coach, and that is catching some media traction


Spoken like a true narcissist…