2024-25 Playoffs

Who ya got?

Format for 2024 and 2025 is 5+7, the 5 highest-ranked conference champions and 7 at-large spots. The four highest ranked teams get a bye, with first round games on campus.

After 2025, the playoff moves to a 14 team model, but it looks like the final format is still TBD. Probably waiting on what finally happens with the ACC to commit.

I think for the most part we will see the usual suspects. I’ll go out on a big limb and say Georgia vs. Ohio State in the championship, but those scrappy Houston Cougars could be a wild card.

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  1. Houston (B12)
  2. Purdue (B10)
  3. Vanderbilt (SEC)
  4. Washington State (P12)
  5. Stanford (ACC)
  6. Georgia Tech
  7. Vanderbilt
  8. Northwestern
  9. Akron
  10. Hawaii
  11. Old Dominion
  12. Boston College

It’ll be an interested bracket: but I think after Houston gets revenge on Bill O’Brien and BC for the mess he left in our professional situation, Houston takes the crown over Akron — 42 to zip.


Pun intended

  1. Georgia (SEC)
  2. Ohio State (Big Ten)
  3. Utah (Big 12)
  4. Florida State (ACC)
  5. Memphis (AAC)
  6. Texas (SEC)
  7. Alabama (SEC)
  8. Oregon (Big Ten)
  9. Penn State (Big Ten)
  10. Clemson (ACC)
  11. Houston (Big 12)
  12. Michigan (Big Ten)
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That would be fun for first “round of 12”. With that seeding, we get whorn in first round, 6 versus 11…heh, heh, i am sure Texas would just love that!

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ok, i’m all in for the cougars next year with rabbits foot watching every game. if that works out, the cougars play that playoff at austin and i am quite sure many, many horns dont want to see the coogs ever again.

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Cue up the Gallery Furniture Football promotion. Includes Texas and Texans. I don’t think he has ever had two teams before.

It feels like it stopped being a meaningful promotion. I think he should have kept it to the Houston teams.

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He follows the money like any other good business man.
Don’t worry, Coog basketball is around the corner