2024 Houston Cougar Basketball offseason


This stinks. Probably cost us UCONN or Marquette at home.

Hill, agree with you. I believe we will host Xavier 24/25.

UH should host Uconn, both teams won their conference.

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Yeah, I was guessing everyone just flips their games from last year, but of course, UT who played Marquette, and OU who played Providence are leaving, plus all the new teams coming in.

I assume Kansas goes to UCONN, but maybe we get Marquette who played UT at home last year.


I like the idea of getting Marquette at home.


Does anyone know when the NIL tourney participants will be announced? If it’s soon, that might help land someone out of the portal.

We have our team.

Well, even if not, does anyone know when the participants will be announced?

All the talk about that tourney basically disappeared a couple weeks after it was announced. I haven’t seen anything on that in awhile, to the point Im not sure its even happening.

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I truly do not understand why Arkansas did this. Kentucky fans are ecstatic to get rid of Cal for free. The only reason he was still there was because of his buyout. His last 5 years there have been mediocre (at best) record-wise, with an awful showing in the tournament. He hasn’t made it past the 2nd round since 2018/2019. Maybe this change of scenery will pull him out of mediocrity, but that’s very expensive risk for Arkansas to take.

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it was desperation hire after musselman ran from the grind

hopefully they get a 1 seed so we can see another 16 over 1 upset :crossed_fingers:


A team could do a lot worse than Cal


For sure, but for that price tag, I personally would rather a slightly lesser name and someone with demonstrated fire in the belly. Cal’s record at Kentucky over the last 5 years, with untold numbers of 5 stars and McDonald’s All Americans, wasn’t great. Certainly not for the money he was getting. I’m not entirely sure why that would change at Arkansas. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Cal is going to do well at Arkansas. I like the hire actually. You know he is going to get talent. Sometimes a change is needed to re-enerigize both parties. It was time for him to leave Kentucky but they may not get an upgrade.

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Maybe ark will relight him and get him off cruise control and draft night / all star being the Super Bowl. I have my doubts but maybe

Pretty sure Oats got a raise so he’s number is higher

Yet another first round draft pick that had an “off night” against our defense. 1-5, 5 rebounds and 2 points in 33 minutes.