2024 NCAA Tournament thread

I liked what was posted last night of some talking head’s saying:

“It’s the junkyard dogs vs the pretty boys.”

We have enough guys who can step up

I don’t know about y’all but I can’t watch the NCAA Tournament this weekend. Too painful.


After we get knocked out I quit watching. I am a sore loser. Lol


Not watching either.

Just easier to move onto baseball or look into transfer portal news

When “Shead” or “ankle” are mentioned around me



I think I dislike Hurley and UCoon more than the Duke.

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All my neighbors wanna talk about houston all the sudden.

We are in North Georgia.

Cmon man.


The Houston Roughnecks play at Rice Stadium in the first “new” USFL game, Sunday, March 31, 2024, at 2:00 PM. May be a good diversion.

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Win or lose last night, nobody is beating UConn again this year.

You can attack me all you want but Cryer and Sharp would have had to combine for 50 points vs UConn just to keep it close

To beat UConn you need a dominant big man and hit a lot of threes. They got beat by 20 by Creighton with this formula.

Only team left with that combo is Purdue.

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Illinois gave up after the first 10 minutes. Those guys should be embarrassed.


Current cheapest tickets, with fees, for Saturday.

Probably a little hyperbolic. But I agree with the overall sentiment that UConn wasn’t losing to anyone in this tourney. Maybe if we’d never lost TA and Tugler and the team had reached its true ceiling we’d have been on that level. Ultimately you have to be lucky to win the tourney and. O program has been luckier in the tourney than UConn.


I am kind of glad I don’t have to worry about the cost and the travel hassle of going to the Final Four. Anyone else?

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Yeah me too!


Video in the link


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It makes me sick looking at #11 seed NC State in the final four over the Coogs. Darn those injuries!


Prices coming down, but still outrageous