2024 UH & B12 Football Schedule

So true, nobody had TCU beating Michigan in the CFP. If we start the season 3-1, will fans expect us to lose the rest based on predictions? I would not tell the players or CWF that.

" two of Houston’s three top receivers moving on from last year, there’s a path for Ridgle to be an immediate playmaker.”


You can understand those evaluating the conference putting Houston last. I would put them last too, based on unknowns. Unknown coaches, unknown system, unknown players and how will they pick up new system, team chemistry and difficult schedule, heck put them last until they show they have it together, but TCU put it together in year one. We have talent and good coaches.


Not year one.

I agree. I’d also say this is probably the last year we’ll be picked to bring up the year for quite a while.

  1. Rice at Houston