2025 Offers

I agree UH stands to lose a lot after this year, which leads me to believe we may not be pushing as hard with the NIL dollars this year for new players, with anticipation we will need the NIL dollars more next year for transfers and highly rated high schoolers.

Geez have some fun and imagination sometimes. It won’t hurt you

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Hey this is the Internet

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the all freshmen thing was kind of a joke, we arent landing Harwell or AJ…

But if you are making an optimistic freshmen class why no peat. he doesnt have a lean and weve been his only official…

" And I would be surprised if one cracks the starting lineup.’ we’ve started plenty of freshmen over the years, galen, sasser, jarrace,… if we lost 8 like in your 1st scenerio and landed 3 top 50 guys i can almost guarantee atleast 1 freshmen would start… itd be almost a lock that flemming would start if we lost uzan
he isnt in your scenerio but if we landed Koa Peat in any scnerio he starts

anothe thing… no way BOTH ramon and mccarthy are on roster and we decided to recruit over them in the portal … its be almsot guaranteed that one of them would start in your scenerio one …we arent a head hunting team. we promote

On Peat, I’ve heard he is looking for a big NIL bag. We’ve been in on Cenac for a while. He knows what we are about. I could see us landing Peat, though. I just don’t feel confident in that projection right now.

We had to start Galen. With where we were at as a program.

I can’t remember the specifics around Marcus starting. That was a while back. And noted on Jarace. But 2022-2023 was a disappointing ending to me. Marcus and Jamal got hurt late, but I thought we weren’t as experienced as we needed to be.

I keep saying Ramon is going to transfer every year. He never does. And he doesn’t carve out more of a role either. lol.

Idk if I ever see McCarty play a huge role here. Like I said, I think IMG hindered his development. JCoop and I have had this same conversation multiple times on McCarty.

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Henderson is going to Duke

i wouldnt be shocked if we made an NIL bag for peat, he would become our highest ever rated recruit in a year of a potential massive rebuild… we arent the type to throw 2mil at a mediocre player like hawkins but for peat i could see Tillman making a move to keep the momentum going… plus the high schol NIL bag is way smaller than the transfer NIl bad

I’ll believe it when I see it. We have never promised a bag up front to anyone.

Jarace gave away more of his NIL than he actually kept while here. There’s not many Jarace Walkers growing on trees.


Exactly my thoughts.
He will check with the players and they will let him know what to expect and what it looks like here.

Culture can’t be faked. And it is easy to destroy. Promise a high school guy that has never played a minute of college basketball $500k. When you have never done that before. And see where that gets you.

Nah. Better chance he goes to Texas than go play for Scheyer.

Hot Take :writing_hand:

this isnt true, and sampson has indirectly pretty much already said so… he said like 3 weeks ago they’ll be recruiting a guy, hear the number he is looking for and its so high they stop recruiting him…meaning if the number wasnt high theyd have kept recruting him… openly says you have to adapt and paly the game

also all of our players have guaranteed NIL, we had a whole media campaign about it, with guaranteed numbers, so all of our players have guaranteed NIL but new players dont? (ps also not true, landon already talked about inking uzan)… we have 100% promised a bag upfront… like everyother team in the nation…its naive to think we dont… we just arent a school that will promise anything outlandish

I disagree with this… he is almost guaranteed to be a captain if he is here by his junior year…
there is a fair argument to be made about if img hindered his offensive development, thats fair … he was like the 4th scoring option
but it 100% boosted his defense, he was defending elite players on a every game basis, he was their lead defender… he was defending cooper flagg one game, then defending dylan harper the next game, then defending Darren Harris (duke commit) the next game

here’s a clip from the end of the IMG vs Don Bosco game, it came to the wire, they just had McCarty shadow Harper the entire end of the game (Context: harper is the #3 recruit, argued as the best score in the class and 6’6)

with his size and wingspan, i can make a case that he could be our best perimeter defend THIS season and he is actually very vocal… i cant imagine a world where he is an upperclassman here and not a major role player. even if that role isnt “lead scorer”

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We are not going to guarantee any player $500k or any number similar to that for him to sign. Landon and LinkingCoogs are a part of the pitch. And will do all that we can once you get on campus. But we will never guarantee anyone any number up front. And certainly to not a freshman. When we have had guys in the program for 3 or 4 years that haven’t got that same guarantee.

And okay. We can agree to disagree. I don’t have to go into a huge back and forth about that on McCarty.


every player on our roster has a guaranteed number coming in… its naive to think they dont…landon spoke about negotiating with the players on social media
but i agree we arent offering any kind of major number

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Sure are a lot of absolutes and guarantees.

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Penny is salivating over how much damage he could do in the NIT with that starting lineup!


Facts. In today’s climate even a great coach would have a hard time winning a NC with 5 true freshman in the starting line up. GTFO lol.

The years of super seniors are behind us after this year. Bring on the return of the Fab 5 dream


That sounds like bells and whistles, Eric…

But teams like Kentucky, UConn & Arkansas will keep bringing in upperclassman via NIL and continue to form these “Super Teams”.

If chemistry is hard among new teammates imagine putting together 5 true freshman who are most likely one and done and having them play at such high level, where they have to play big minutes because the bench may not be as deep as others; because the better upperclassmen would rather go somewhere where they could start and all your NIL money may be gone lol.

The 3 main things that may be too much to overcome to win a NC…

  1. Youth
  2. Chemistry
  3. Depth

That’s assuming culture, coaching & leadership are there…

But like Coach Sampson keeps saying… You never want to be caught too young!

Go Coogs and Happy Father’s Day :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints: