21-22 AAC Schedule Matrix

Only 1 game against ECU…


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How about only 1 game @Tulsa, hopefully this year doesn’t go the way of the last two.


Wish they would have gave us the 1 away game at USF. And let us play Tulsa twice. USF will be terrible this year.

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We just need to win a lot of games which I believe we will. No need to stress about SOS, especially the difference between a couple of middle of the the pack to bottom feeding AAC teams. Win our 25+ and grab a few quality wins along the way and we will be just fine.


That annual loss to Tulsa by 1 on the road is going to make me lose my mind lol


Ain’t going to happen this season Khris.

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Hope not :joy::joy: I can’t stand it

Looks like UCF may have gotten some schedule help to stay in the race

When does the actual schedule come out?

I want all the good games to be on Saturday/Sunday. Have USF, ECU, Tulane be during the week.

It should be really soon, in another thread, on a zoom press conference, CKS said it’s finished and asked his assistant why wasn’t it out. I couldn’t hear what the guy off to the side said, but it sounded like would be up soon.

We do bring out the best in Tulsa basketball. Kinda like SMU football.

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