21-22 season

I’ll see yall in Hawaii Saturday - Thursday for me :slight_smile: signed up as a booster

Rothstein has us at 21 in his top 45. I suspect this will change as players are grabbed from the portal.


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Up to 20 after the addition of Edwards.

He forgot to add Taze Moore to the roster.

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Anyone know when season ticket renewals will be this year? It seems to vary when it is. It was at same time as football a few years ago.

As a football season ticket holder, I am thankful they moved it. Having both at the same time was a big hit to the bank account. I have seen nothing communicated for the basketball renewal – they seem to be only taking waitlist requests at the moment.

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And won’t White be more the F and Chaney the C?

I emailed this exact question to the ticket office earlier this week and was told season tickets would not go on sale until after the renewal period ends in late June.

In my Season Renewals, I only see Football at the moment. I assume they will start rolling out the renewals soon if the deadline is June. Did you get on the Waitlist?

I did not sign up on the waitlist since I have been a season ticket holder for about 10 years. I choose the option this past year to sit out and keep my seat locations for the 21-22 season.

Yes. I joined the waitlist in January.


They’re taking deposits now for new holders I believe. They’re ditching the “all sports same time” model according to my CP rep.

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Found this tonight when I was looking for a price for basketball season tickets. https://uhcougars.com/sports/2021/2/12/2021-ticket-renewals-update.aspx

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I asked the question when I renewed my football tickets about a month or so ago and was told I cold renew them then if I wanted, but they would go on sale later. Maybe it’s different if you had season tickets for this past season, which I did, instead of those who either opted out or didn’t make the cut for tickets last season.

Early respect from Rothstein. I’m happy with 11th.


One more solid add puts us in the top 10. Let’s go.

He still doesn’t show Taze Moore.

And has Memphis at 33 and WSU at 35. 3 teams solidly in the tourney. I think that is about right.

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Duke and UK will bounce back strong.

Also transfers like Rocket Watts and Adam Miller are still out there. I get a feeling this list will change a little bit more along with some NBA exodus!

If that’s UCLA’s roster along with Cronin they look pretty legit. Also keep an eye out for Chet Holmgren, the one who gave buckets to Emoni Bates. I keep hearing he may go to Gonzaga.

Here we go again - the same big 10 bias. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing every time and expect different results. As they said even a broken clock is right twice a day. Ohio state, Purdue, Maryland and Michigan - my foot


It may be time to get some prescription glasses my friend.


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