Season tickets sold, so says our A.D. on Twitter.

Wow, I wonder if 25,000 should be the new goal. We still have two full months until the season starts.


Wow! Might as well shoot for 25K at this point.

Wonder if this counts Lil’ Coogs?

Wow. compare to 2 years ago.

Compare it to when we were worried we wouldn’t average 15k for the year.

21,236 and its July 1st.

21,236…still sinking in.


Very impressive.


Wow! That is impressive. Go Coogs!

We have sold 3,000 since April 29 (two months).

There are two months to go.

Another 3,000 is possible.


This is great news. I hope we can make 23K now!

I think 23k is realistic. As soon as OU tickets are not part of the package interest will taper off.

But still 21k with 23k realistic is strong.

Is this before or after adding students? I’ve noticed a lot of P5 schools inflate their numbers by adding in their student section.

It’s before the students. Been confirmed multiple times.

Cool, 30k with the students would be a nice goal to hit.

We’re there. Distributed anyway.

21,236 paid season tickets doesn’t count about 1000 non-paid (employees, sponsors). Plus 7500 students = 29,736.

Since we hold about 2.5K for visitors, we have about 7.7K season tickets left to sell.

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But as football season approaches, interest will pick up.

The OU game hasn’t been included since last Friday.

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