22-23 season

With the Final Four in Houston this year I would think this would help with recruiting (especially locally with kids like Griggs and some of the other top recruits) to stay home and play for the Coogs.

It will also be interesting to see if it entices kids like Edwards, Chaney, and others to take advantage of the extra year and return.

Regarding recruiting, I don’t necessarily forsee any such cause & effect unless you also think that:

(i) Tulane kept some top recruits home this year since they host in New Orleans in 2021-22;
(ii) Rice & HBU & TSU (as well as UH) will keep top recruits home since they co-host in 2022-23;
(iii) UTSA will keep some top recruits home since they host in San Antonio in 2024-25.

Did Tulane even sign anyone from Louisiana this year? I don’t think they did.

Are you serious???

Tulane? Rice? HBU? TSU? UTSA?

Did any of these schools just make a Final Four???

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He was messing with you because you wrote “with the Final Four in Houston this year.” When apparently you meant, “with Houston making it to the Final Four.”

No…as the title says, '22-'23 season, Final Four being in Houston that year.

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No but thats not what your post was about. You were saying that the city hosting the final four might give us a recruiting bump. So his response was perfectly fair.

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