247 vs GoCoogs

I’m a subscriber to 247, but the guy who runs the UH page has kind of gone AWOL. To anyone who has a GoCoogs subscription, how is that message board? Do they have good insider information? If so I might make a switch.

From what I understand the forum is a tough place, but they do seem to get some inside information every now and then. 247 did but it’s like the site administrator has been shut out by the staff. I just get most of my information here now. I mean recruiting info can be found on Twitter as much as it is on a website, and news about the program, when it is occasionally broken by a site, will become common knowledge within an hour or two.

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I subscribe from time to time nothing really special (most pay sites aren’t worth it anymore to me) plus just more than I’m willing to pay.

Every site serves a particular subset of fans, which is pretty cool. GoCoogs is not as busy as this site as it has fewer subscribers. If you contribute to HOU NIL a subscription is included, but you can subscribe without the HOU NIL donation. It isn’t pushed, it’s simply available if you wanna donate.

GoCoogs is worth the subscription. Good layout. Plenty of content. Contentious debating sometimes, but very little name-calling or blatant insults. No politics. Zero. Zip. Nada. The site is moderated lightly because everyone usually sticks to the rules. I’m not sure about 247. What I don’t like about 247 is the free tier and paid tier. Leaves holes in every thread if you can only read certain posts. For me, that’s a disincentive to be on that site. Make it paid or make it free.

Here’s one big difference, which extends across GoCoogs: for example, the NFL draft has one topic. Anything draft-related goes there. No separate topic for Tune, Dell, UH players, Texas players, etc. No “Final Thoughts on the NFL Draft” topics. You can start a new topic, but it should have a real purpose or it’ll get closed or totally ignored until it is closed.


The 247 site has become strange in that long time administrator Sellers seems to have “given up”. Very little from him these last few weeks. Maybe the frustration of dealing with a football staff that keeps everything under wraps has taken its toll. Sellers became very argumentative and sometimes belligerent to posters during the season. After game day became a peeing contest often between he and posters frustrated with what they say. Posters were threatened with termination which is not cool after you have been charged a yearly rate to be a member. I really like Sellers and continue to be a paying customer yet we have had confrontations the past year or two. It reminds me of the Rivals board that had the administrator go AWOL. GoCoogs came in and basically took all of its customers. Now the Coogs rivsls board is dead. Hope that doesn’t happen with 247. The big problem there has been that Sellers really just did insider stuff on football. And once frozen out by the current staff had little on the other sports. Perhaps getting inside the basketball program is the better way to go.

Some similarities between Sellers and Duarte. Both very good with content most of the time, but both have very thin skins and can become combative. Duarte has gotten much better about it, haven’t visited Sellers in a long time.

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