3 losing seasons in 5

I should clarify, I still watch my coogs when I’m not at the game. But its not appointment viewing and I don’t plan my weekend around it anymore.

I hate this! Something has to change.

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The cows have a million dollar team EVERY year.

When the charming and vivacious Ms. Ziggy says “What’s wrong with them?” and it’s the Coogs she’s talking about, there is definitely a problem.

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Dana is on Tillman Pez had nothing to do with it.

That’s not true at all. Pezman is tight with the spavital boyz! It was Pezman that made the recommendation after he spoke with the spavital fam.

The spavitals have openly taken credit for helping UH land holgorsen from wvu!

Tilman delivered his own bag because he has a previous relationship with Dana.

Pezman is 100 on the hook as is tf and Rk!

They refer to themselves as the Houston Mafia!

These people only answer to about 6-7 families in the entire UH organization!

For that reason, they will allow this thing to crater before they pay this man to go away!

If Pezman had any connection to coaches in the broader CFB world perhaps UH wouldn’t be in this position!

But. Here. We. Are!

Thanks a lot Houston mafia!

I have always heard the story that one of Tillman’s kids was chirping at the last home game in 2018 that they were trying to get Dana.

They don’t have time for such things.

It was Chris Pezman that made the recommendation. We all know it was him.

My buddy in college station is very close to the spavitals. He knew Dana was coming here before before anyone outside of the board of regents.

Bucky Richardson or Charlene Sumlin ?

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Also hear they aren’t happy with what happened with Brandon Jones. So are several others like Kliff.

Is it time for the airplane banner?


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“The spavitals have openly taken credit for helping UH land holgorsen from wvu!”

Why would anyone openly take credit for this?


Money poured into NIL with Dana coaching is greater folly than paying Dana to ‘coach’.

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No but my other buddy is good drinking buddies with Kevin and Charlene going back to Norman days.

He used to be in a professional music group led by a very popular Texas music singer.

You can probably figure it out given where I’m from.

My buddy said the Sumlin’s can through down with the best rock stars on the planet!

Maybe that’s why we all liked Kevin and Charlene so much when they were here!

dont think they are still together from what I undertand

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I think you’re correct.

I was referring to my other buddy that has known Kevin and Charlene for over 20 years going back to sumi’s time in Norman.

This grade school friend of mine is very close to the spavital and routinely hangs out with CDH.

My buddy loves Dana but he even admits that he’s had way way more time than any other p5 coach to get this thing going.

You get a couple of Tito’s and water in people and the inside stuff becomes the outside stuff


I can see this followed by a plane with a banner “TLDR”