$30 to park?

Nice that this is hottest thread on site 1.5 days before we open season.

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Good Lord! This is like talking to a wall. Never mind.

Yeah, let’s not find common ground, let’s right/wrong, black/white the issue and turn it into a contest instead of a discussion. Sheesh. I’m with you, it’s just like the airport, captive audience so you can gouge just because you can.

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Exactly why I don’t mind paying the $30. We’re getting national exposure and better believe the people making decisions about us joining the B12 will see how much UH draws in fans and money. It’s not cheap but hey, $30 for a spot to party with fellow Cougar fans and family is money well spent.

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Whiners gotta whine. Lollipops available.

What kind you got?

We purchased extra parking passes in the Green lot on campus again this year for our tail gate group and the cost for one season pass was $150 for 6 games = $25 per game. Same price for the parking pass at NRG if purchased in advance.


The few times I’ve paid $30 to park were at hotels and that was for 24 hours. Tomorrows $25 or $30 is for as little as four hours. I gave up on NFL and their bloated prices for everything. TV time outs were the final nail for me back then.

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