350 teams that Won't Win Title

Well…are we part of the 350 or the 8?

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Right, there’s no since in reading it.

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I got us in the 8… Save your $.


Houston, Kentucky, Kansas, Gonzaga, Arizona, Baylor, Duke, Villanova are the 8 Teams


If you’re a fan of one of these missing teams, congratulations! Your team is a member of the magic eight, which, by simple process of elimination, must comprise the following: Arizona, Baylor, Duke, Gonzaga, Houston, Kansas, Kentucky and Villanova.


John Gassaway is my new favorite reporter at ESPN… :grin:

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When he makes this list each year he does it by metrics. He knows every champion meets certain metrics standards (such as top 20 in Ken pom O and top 20 in Ken pom D) Throws out the rest.
This is why it makes no sense for the Coogs to be a 5 seed.
We are literally one of only a few teams that have an actual shot at winning the whole thing. We should be a 2 seed or better.


Couldn’t agree more @Imago13.

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Good article!

No Auburn?

Near Misses Category

3. Auburn Tigers

Did someone just say “risky pick”? Auburn was No. 1 in the AP poll for three weeks. Jabari Smith is the presumptive No. 2 pick in the 2022 draft. Walker Kessler is arguably the best rim defender in the nation. Bruce Pearl took this program to the Final Four three years ago, and he might win 2022 national coach of the year. Worried? Who could possibly be worried about saying Auburn won’t win the national title?

The only thing weighing against all of the above – and maybe it shouldn’t – is that the Tigers have been surprisingly ineffective on offense away from home since late January. Pearl’s group scored an anemic 0.96 points per possession over those six games, two of which were against the otherwise unprepossessing likes of Missouri and Georgia.

I’d be happy with a 3 seed :sunglasses:

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We have all noted how many free throws SEC teams get at home. So no surprise they wouldn’t have any offense away from it.

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-20 points to start… :rofl:

Let’s first beat Memphis b4 we start thinking about NC.

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Was thinking the same thing. It’s funny how in one add/video they say we won’t get seeded high because of resume, the next article says were one of eight good enough to win it all.

Memphis is a bad matchup it feels like, so as long as we don’t play them in the tournament?