36,020 Average Attendance first year in B12

That was 36,020 average “announced” attendance. I went to every game and I can say without reservation that there were not that many in actual attendance.


Looking salty all of a sudden.
9-2. Won at Air Force today.

Awful the last decade.

Vandy has better test scores…

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Rice? Puhlease. They bring nothing to the game. Nerdy cheapskates without dates or any money. Boo!

Major nose dive next year with Dana back. None in my group of 18 will be renewing. There is Zero excitement in UH football.

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Maybe we embrace the “Basketball school” thang?

No wonder. UH is bad AND boring.

People….People…… those numbers are tickets SOLD……not actual butts in the seats.

PEZ cares about $$$$$,

Hopefully Renu cares about actual attendance in addition to the $$$.


You may be right about sold. But there won’t be 15,000 in the seats for any game after the first.
Book it!!!

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I love the hate pouring from some of you but I refuse to acquiesce to defeat. He’s got next year and that is it otherwise there WILL be an uprising. Must have a winning season and recruit better than ASS.

An uprising by whom?

Four of the five in our group will be renewing. The only benefit you get for being a season ticket holder is a parking pass. Tickets are too cheap on the open market. Would save a lot of money if I just bought tickets the day of the game, but I don’t want to gove up my seat back chairs on the 50.

I have great seats on the visitor side, 2nd deck, 2nd row, 45 yard line chair backs. I am going to try to get seats in lower bowl home side chair backs next season since I am having a harder time getting up to my seats since my A-Fib problems started. My buddies who sit next to me and behind me want to move too and keep our group together; maybe we can score them if a lot of folks don’t renew.

You just have to look for the silver lining. Unfortunately, too many on here look for the cloud in every silver lining.


You’re right red80, nows the time upgrade. In your case it truly is “buy low, sell high”. Good luck finding great seats. The Coogs wont be down forever!


He gone.

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