365 Sports: Top 5 teams on shaky ground

Fair assessment. They must be Dana haters.

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Dana MUST have respectable Big 12 debut or he’s gone by 2024.


Help me out here. 365 is now more generic Big XII talk than Baylor talk? Weren’t these the Baylor show guys? I’m not against it, good for them.

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They are Baylor based but aspire to cover all things Big 12 with even some national focus on college sports.


It is a much broader show now.

They pretty much cover the national college landscape on a daily basis.

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Thanks, gents. I remember a couple years ago it was Baylor, Baylor, Baylor with some stuff mixed in once Big XII expansion was in play. Even the background was Baylor.

This is good. Got some basic scheduled media on the conference.

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Their focus:

Baylor first (though not as much as before)
Big 12 second (Like others they saw a vacuum in Big 12 media and seek to fill it)
Texas teams third (They talk to folks associated with North Texas, Rice, SFA, and so on)
National fourth (Though even here with a Big 12 angle as often as not.)


Yes they have been more generic big12 for awhile. If you watch the show they have a gigantic UH helmet, everyone else has a mini helmet.


Their basis is pretty evident



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If they weren’t pro-Baylor I would wonder what’s wrong with them. {glances sideways at Andre Ware}

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They have helmets from every B12 team in the background including the newbs. Some get switched out but UH seems to be shown quite often.

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I watch it with some regularly.

They’ve talked about UH on several occasions, most often positively.

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I like Smoak. Seems like the kind of man you can bend a elbow with.

Me too beats the talking heads on 610

And 790.

I used to listen to Matt Thomas but Ross Villarreal has ruined for me.

He acts like he is kidding but the constant condescending attitude about anything UH is tired.

And it comes from a UT t-shirt fan that didn’t even graduate from the school.


Regarding 365…

The young Smoak used to get under my skin but he’s grown on me. I think his role is to be more fast-and-loose with opinions and say what fans are thinking, which he largely gets right. They are actually levelheaded, have pretty good perspectives, not trollish (unless it’s rightfully due) and have an obvious Big 12 lean, but they don’t ignore big news around the country or even the smaller schools. They talk UTSA and UNT football from time to time.

They also edit their shows on YT so each topic/interview is about 5-15 mins. Something I wish John Kurtz would do. It’s annoying to poke around an hour-long sports talk monologue to find the topic(s) of interest.


Totally agree…unlistenable and I like Matt Thomas. Just ruins the show for me

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Ross still doing the same schtick? I haven’t heard MT in years.

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