4 of Our Losses Tell the Tale

Rice is 5-6. Lose to UH and they are 4-7.

TCU is 5-6. Lose to UH and they are 4-7.

Tx Tech is 6-5. Lose to UH and they are 5-6.

Cincy is 3-8. Lose to UH and they are 2-9.

This is the “competitive” nature of his program that Dana mentioned. All 4 of these schools are losers this year, absent beating UH. With Cincy being historically bad.

Dana not only loses, he is not competitive with Losers. He could be 8-3 right now. All,of these 4 are beatable. And he lost to TCU and Cincy in his own home stadium.

Dana could be one game out of the Big 12 race right now by beating Tech,Cincy, and TCU. 5-3 with one game left. That close.

Dana is not competing for a Championship. But could be. Even Applewhite would have won some of those 4 games and certainly Herman would. Indeed I say Briles and Sumlin win some of those games.

He flunks his own test. Dana is not competitive.


Thump it, Tucson!

Said this before the year that Pezman & Dana acting like the Big 12 was a gauntlet was hilarious. Gaslighting the fans into lower expectations


It’s a joke that DH would say they competed.
In most losses they ran clock down 2 + scores.
No effort at all to pull out a wild comeback win.

Still got blown out a bunch even w this sad sack strategy.

Most of the P5 quality players were at senior day outside of WR/CB.

IF they move on, next HC needs 2 bring along a 2 deep.
Need 7 or 8 OLs .

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I think you’re forgetting that Rice is still transitioning from the Southwest Conference, so they have us beat on depth which is why they beat UH, a boring Big 12 team

Give Rice a few more years, and they’ll finally be able to recruit those 1 and 2 stars like the rest of the AAC instead of competing with Bama and Ohio State for recruits

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