40 Games In

26-14 Overall Record
7-5 in Conference
83 RPI

Our team stat rankings:

Fielding Percentage: 14 out of 293 (just behind Auburn, Tenn, Vanderbilt)

Batting Average: 84 out of 293
Slugging Percentage: 121 out of 293
Hits: 84 out of 293
Home Runs Hit: 130 our of 293

ERA: 103 out of 293
WHIP: 48 out of 293
K to BB Ratio: 55 out of 293

These 8 important categories average out to 80 out of 293, which is close to our RPI of 83.

This is not an embarrassing conclusion but its not great either. Mediocre results.


Must consider the competition it has been played against.


Surprised the #83 RPI due to the level of competition!

AAC Title or Bust…

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His feel for pitching substitutions has been off and it’s cost them games.

You have a good hitting team why these steals that are out by a mile ?

Why would you not see what you have in these depth pitchers. Just an inning or two here and there or even a batter or two.

That fielding % looks great but there have been a few big errors that probably lost them games.


That’s what I’ve seen this year, too…


I’m not impressed by Bunn. And maybe I’m reading him wrong but he looks positively grim when he talks to the pitchers on the mound. Doesn’t give me an inspiring feeling from where I sit.

But maybe I’m seeing it wrong. One thing I do know is that Whitting said he’s letting him run the staff. If that’s true then he’s letting him run his career, too.

I don’t want to be negative about the coaches but the base running looks way too loosey goosey for my tastes.

Base-running, to me, is a tool. When you’re giving up as many runs as we do I would think you’d want to be more judicious with the guys on base.


Base running has been bad for years…. Even if you go back to the when we were good we consistently ran ourselves out of innings……common theme for a long time.


Baserunning is like black jack… You don’t hit if you have 12 but the dealer is showing a bust hand… Same way you dont run into the 3rd out when Lopez is at the plate.

Sure… You CAN hit… And you CAN run in those scenarios…

But you might get run off of that table…