42 dead in San Antonio

This brings back memories of Victoria years ago.
Very sad. The bad news never seems to stop.


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Wow we just got home from San Antonio. It’s a fun city and way more built up then yrs ago. It’s a vibrant scene around their downtown and river walk area.


This happens way to often

Yes, its too bad we don’t see them as people.


We should ban trailer trucks.

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How about we try to stop illegal immigration, instead of encouraging it?


Who is encouraging it?


If you ask you are not paying attention.

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So you don’t know. Just parroting bullet points?

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He literally can’t/won’t answer because then he’s easily refuted and he might have to think about how his world view is wrong.

People risk their lives to come to America for 4 centuries because theirs was shite. Nothing has changed except we decided, purely out of selfishness, that we needed to stop them from doing what our relatives did freely.


For the first half of 2022, there have been over 1 million encounters by the BP.

What’s your point caller?

PS You just undermined any future ‘Biden is for open boarders’ arguments btw.

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I’m for the wall, e verify nationally , heavy employer fines and no benefits. The wall by itself won’t work but if we do all 4 it could work bc once here no jobs,etc.
The republicans act like they care and do nothing bc their donor base funds their campaigns etc. The republicans are hypocrites on the border so I give up on it. This will never end so get used to it. We went to San Antonio this weekend and read that Mexico wanted to stop illegal immigration into Texas by whites after they thought too many would want to join the the rebellion but they failed. So all countries try to stop illegal immigration but we don’t bc the dems want illegals and the republicans want cheap labor and are hypocrites just trying to get your vote on it and do nothing. We could easily build a wall with the money we sent the Ukraine so it’s not a money issue but lack of political will on both sides.

So get used of this never being solved

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I agree there is blame on both sides.

Smuggling people and goods has been a business since forever, all through history, in every culture. This is a tragedy which I’m surprised doesn’t happen with more frequency (regarding the numbers dead in one vehicle).

What we need is a national ID. Why can’t we have one?