48 Hours Later

I try to keep to a rule of never posting when angry, so I waited a couple of days (which has not been easy considering the magnitude of this issue).

We’ve always been on borrowed time spending-wise, while trying to prove ourselves P5 worthy on the field every year.

The only thing that’s changed since yesterday is the timeframe for such continued spending. While I don’t know the specific numbers, I’m hoping we can sustain it for a few years more.

What’s put us at the top of the G5 pecking order is our Top 10 finish last year, CTH, and facilities. A couple of years more of such Top 10 finishes will make us (IMHO) simply too attractive not to be picked up by a P5.

From a tactical point of view, as far as what we can control in this regard, we must pony up whatever it takes to keep CTH here and stay in the Top 10 for the next couple of years.

I’m glad we’re making it clear to CTH that before he accepts any deal elsewhere, that he let us know and we’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.

I know it won’t be sustainable forever, but then again, hopefully another couple of Top 10 finishes from now, it will no longer be an issue.


I agree. We have to double down on overall spending and try to keep CTH. We are simply too worthy to just give up. There will be shakeup in the next 5 years as new tv contracts come up for bid among P5 conferences. We have to be patient.

Well, to be honest - my patience has about run out. I am to the point where I wish nothing but bad things to happen to every other university in this state. They have all hated us from the moment we started playing sports. And a “H” of a lot of that hate results from our forcing them to integrate their teams. They certainly resisted long enough! Racism is alive and well at many of those places.

Oh - if only the great black prospects coming out of High School today knew what we went through to give them a chance to play in a Texas university! If they did, none of them would go to the other schools today - - NONE OF THEM!

You are so right. We need to emphasize our history and what it meant to so many.

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