4th Downs and Turnovrs

UH was 0-2 on 4th Down (before the one that we got to end the game$. Those are alimony like turnovers. You get no points and lose the ball.
Otoh, UTSA was 2-2 on 4th Down. Converting those are like getting and extra possession…especially the 4th and 10 conversion.

We got three INTs in a quarter, got great field position and only once got points.

We do very little to confuse the D with our O. D played great given the short offensive possessions.

UTSA is good. We will see how good we are over the next 6 games.


Our offensive playcalling and tempo for about 80% of the game was bad imho.


Uh oh. Hogie haters.


UTSA was only 4 of 13 on third downs though.

And that was telling!


We did not convert a 4th down at the end of the game…it was 3rd down.


We had 3rd and 2 and CDH called a roll out pass that failed. The next play called the same thing and failed again. Two yards and 2 chances to make the play. That’s on CDH.


Who doesn’t like a sandwich?


did we lose because of it? Please stay with the facts when you answer that.

You are what is called a cherry picker. “what can I find wrong that I can complain about in a win?” From my perspective, our players did not score a TD on every pass reception or when they were handed the ball. We need to work on that, right?


That’s right.

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My thoughts are we won because we won the turnover battle (lopsided) and the penalty battle (glad that seems cleaned up).
That was the difference.

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I thought I read that this year the OC was calling all of the plays, not CDH.


Head, qb coach and o line coach handling it. Heard qb coach started the game. Don’t know how it went during game.

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After the past few years, I saw nothing new from DH first game out of the gate. He treats these players like children and eases them into things. Base D, Base offense. Let’s just walk of here without to many injuries, or impressing… I expected this kind of performance.

Glad to not see 100 penalties

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I noticed that too. This team is WAY more disciplined than last year’s team. Way more in control of their emotions as well.


That is a good point, as time goes on we will see more of what kind of character this team has!

Both of those are the result of better discipline and better execution. Both are taught by coaches. Traylor got out coached evidently.

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Was it the play call or the execution? Would you have said it was a poor play call if we got the 1st down? I doubt it.

You are what is called ‘a tool.’ Someone who wants to make themselves seem smart by building straw men to knock down. You need to work on that. Right?

I made a judgement based on what happened, not on what might have happened.

If the OC is making the calls, then I stand corrected.