4th Downs and Turnovrs

Wow, you are easily triggered. Get help.

Just the facts, Richard-Head.

My my, childhood name calling

You called me a cherry picker and made up implausible scenarios too (that’s what a strawman is). I think that set the tone for our communications this afternoon. But please come back with another passive aggresive snowf lake response. Cant wait.

I’m sure you can’t. Having a discussion with a chronic complainer is boring, as usual.

As predicted another passive-aggressive (chronic complainer’ is something you did not directly call me, but implied, ergo making it a passive aggressive) response. Is predictability boring to you?

I agree with imauhcoog. Northerncoog, you are a cherry picker that cannot wait to complain about something and seems like you do a very good job at it. Also seems like you are a great coach so, my advice to you and any other cherry picker is to make sure that you apply for the head coaching job when the time comes. Me, I am just so happy that we won the game and I hope that team works on the things that didn’t work right.


I put it in the game thread but if you watch Smiths tape he’s a “get you 2 yards machine” up the middle. Full stop. And he obviously doesn’t get injured doing it. When we ran Mathis on that initial 4th and 1 what the heck were we thinking? Let our QB do what our QB does best and move the chains. He converted that 4th and 3 for us at the end.

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You are complaining about the play call. There is a possibility that the play call was fine, but either the execution was off or UTSA made a good play to stop it. Just complaining about the play call is a lazy analysis.


I apologize for not calling you a chronic complainer directly. You are a chronic complainer.


Dana beat a team that was receiving top 25 votes last night while breaking in a new QB. UTSA likely wins their conference this year. Be happy for the win.


Handing it to the RB 5 yards in the backfield is a very risky 4th and 1 play. Gives the D too much time to penetrate.

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What do the analytics say about going for it on 4th down for the entire game?

Your yards, per down average, decreases from 3.33 yds/down to 2.5 yds/ down since you are not giving up on 4th down.

Of course, you won’t convert all but over the course of an entire game? Is there a coach in high school/college that has tried this?

The Cougars were close to going up 24-7 at one point. Manjack was inside the 10 but the play was called back on a questionable holding call. That touchdown would have sealed the game.


Yet teams do it all the time with success. But that wasn’t the play NorthernCoog was talking about. He was talking about a 3rd and 2 play. My point is, not all plays that are unsuccessful are bad play calls. You can’t pass every down. You have to run the ball some times. It’s no surprise we tried to run. Dana told us all off season we would. Now, the 3rd and 10 run play in the 4th quarter was definitely a head scratcher.

Offensive play calling could definitely use some work, especially when going for it on 4th and short. I hope not putting the QB under the center and just run forward isn’t a sign our OL is weak.

Apology accepted. D-Bag.

You are too ignorant to know when you get an insincere apology but ok, be happy with it. That is better than your normal disposition.

I knew it was not a real apology which was why I tagged you as a d-bag. But I am impressed that you can type a response with your head wedged so far up your own backside.

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Where else do you hand it to the RB?