5 down-the-road candidates for Big Ten expansion

We are listed as the #2 team, right after #1 Notre Dame.

OKAY … Clemons makes the obvious … obvious …

“There’s no inclination that any kind of move is imminent, but it’s always fun to discuss.”

BUT the fact that a B1G sports writer is including UH in the list is significant when BH (before Herman) only CoogBong’s voodoo doctor had us eventually going there.

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“Something of a renegade program”? We’re the ones that merit that distinction?

Oh, and UCF’s metal BouncyHouse Stadium is worth mention, but brand new, not flimsy at all TDECU doesn’t?

Davy the witch doctor had us going to the ACC. I remember because I’m an east coaster and am still dreaming about that great day Houston destroys Boston College in Boston. I will be in the Harbor sailing with a great UH sail dumping liptons into the bay.

it’s a sports writer. most of the this board thinks they’re clueless. not sure this guy is no different. I want UH in a better conference, but would like it better if Delaney held those sentiments.

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Well, UH is number 2 on the list, and BYU is number 4. Both are relatively free to leave their present conferences. The main problem seems to be that neither are in states contiguous to the rest of the B1G, which they have wanted to maintain in the past; but maybe they will wave that.

Yes - please!

It’s always nice to dream.

so this guy is different?

Yepp it is nice to dream …

Thing is prominent sports writers from key areas/sections of America are beginning to notice us as viable candidates for P5s OTHER than the Big12.

As usual it doesn’t take a Sherlock to figure out that the 40 acres has noticed this also and DOESN’T want anymore P5s in the state to diminish/risk their hold on easy recruitment.

Add to that if prominent sports writers are noticing us THEN it is obvious the P5s are also noticing us.

Good or bad if the Big12 includes us or not … THE FIRST EXPANSION DOMINO will fall setting off a chain AS TO WHO will pick up our coogs in a key recruiting area of the state that the Big12 chose to ignore.

I saw a interesting bit of information the other day. No state has more than 2 P5 conferences in it. If we were to go B1G or PAC Texas would be the first and only state with 3 P5’s in it.

Florida used to though, when USF was part of BCS Big East.

Except it wasn’t P5 and G5 then. It was AQ and non-AQ conferences.

Yeah, but when you hear that we had the best recruiting class fro a non-P5 in history, only 5-star to sign with a non-P5 etc, they always include BCS years as well. Power 5 is just AQ with a different name to further diminish the other schools.

Sort of, there were more conferences considered “power”. That meant it was more likely to have overlap in a state.
I should have explained what I meant clearer the first time.
There is also a difference in that the SEC and ACC weren’t weakened and in need of protecting their territory. The Big 12 is. A&M going to SEC has seen not only A&M recruiting sky rocket, but you see more Texas recruits headed to SEC schools.
If another conference takes advantage of that using Houston that will really hurt Big 12.
They don’t have to worry as much about UH hurting their recruiting. At most we might take one recruit from each school, but we would more likely be keeping a chunk of recruits that would have gone to Ark, OL miss, Miss St. Etc here at home.

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