5 programs who can become new Big 12 superpower after Oklahoma, Texas leave


This first thing I thought of reading the title of the article is FanSided is trying to get clicks.

And in my case, it worked.

Nice to be viewed with high potential.

From the article:
“While all four new entrants into the Big 12 certainly have what it takes to make noise in their new league, the smart money has to be on Houston becoming the new superpower among them. It has everything to do with financial resources and recruiting capital. We have to give head coach Dana Holgorsen a ton of credit for seeing this sleeping giant long before most of us realized it was one.”


Tillman can single handed make it happen with NIL whenever he wants. Prob just waiting to make sure of rules.

Can he do it directly though?

I’m wondering if that would cause some sort of Conflict of Interest since he is on the school’s Board of Regents.

Aren’t Tillmans cos up to their neck in debt? With rising interest rates I am not sure how much NIL he can afford.

Are you serious…Dude owns the world

Net worth and actual liquid cash available are totally different.

His companies are loaded with debt.

He can still call upon a lot of cash from his personal wealth. But with all the corporate debt he is not as liquid as people would think a man worth $8B would be.

Sometimes I marvel at Baylor’s ability to get great coaches and great talent. Its a prickly private school in an ugly Hell hole in the middle of nowhere. Yet year after year they field quality in multiple sports. Paradox divided by mystery surrounded by intrigue.

I hear you but I think he’s fine for NIL money Contributions…he probably needs all the tax breaks he can

The facilities are good and they have supportive administration and students. Some coaches prefer small towns than big cities. My view is it is a stepping stone job for coaches.

The basketball team has performed better than the football team since Drew became coach. I am surprised Drew is still there.

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Yet he doubled his net worth in 2 years with SPAC deals and keeps acquiring prestige resorts and has locked down land for a strip hotel in Vegas.

He’s doing just fine.

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Are we seriously asking if Tilman Fertitta can afford NIL deals?

Mommy, make the crazy man go away.

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Way to go Coach Skulletor! Or is it Beetlejuice?


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The question for me is not if Fertitta can afford a NIL; it’s whether he is crossing an ethical line as a Board of Regent (BOR). Universities cannot directly offer an NIL. That is pushing the envelope to the edge.

I predict in the next 12 to 24 month, this issue will be challenged by another university and hopefully, the NCAA will offer clarity. I don’t want Fertitta and UH to be the test case.

Hopefully CDH is reading articles like this and is learning how to frame things so it paints a picture of UH having tons of potential instead of being stuck in the abyss which.he likes to.do

Net worth= Value of All Assets - Combined Debt load

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I’m pretty sure that restaurants and casinos are cash cows.

Not during COVID.

That’s over